The man who claims to be a journalist arrested after filming Capital Breach cheers the rioters

Police arrested a Utah man last week for participating in a fatal violation of the US capitol, which, after its publication of more than a half-hour-long recording, recorded photographs disturbing crowds of Trump supporters and a woman Was shot instantly.

John Sullivan was arrested on Thursday and charged with civil disorder, violent entry or disorderly conduct and violation of prohibited buildings or grounds. According to the Justice Department, he is scheduled to appear before a federal judge in the Utah district on Friday.

Sullivan – who claims to be an activist, journalist and protest organizer – published an unauthorized recording of the Capitol violation online on 6 January, where a mob of pro-Trump supporters violently razed the building in an attempt to disrupt the certificate Broke from the form. Electoral college results confirm presidential election Joe BidenJoe Bidenkton: The Senate lacks the authority to impeach, when Trump calls office Marjorie Taylor Green, he will present impeachment articles against the resignation of Biden ICE’s executive director after much time in office.Is a victory of

Sullivan’s recording provided pictures of how the incident unfolded amidst the chaos, including candid photos of some people who had participated in and culminated in the fatal shooting of a woman, Ashlee Babbitt.

Bubbitt, who was injured after a Capitol police shot at Capitol while attempting to climb through a broken window of the Capitol Police, died. He was one of five people to die that day, including an officer who died from injuries sustained in the attack.

At times Sullivan can be heard narrating what is happening, though his face is never seen. Other times he celebrates the violation of the Capitol, helping rioters break through walls and provide a knife to those who wanted to break and occupy the chambers of the House.

“It’s sh– ours! F — yes,” Sullivan could be heard saying during the breach.

“We completed this sh–. We did this together. F — yes! We are all part of this history,” she continues.

At another point they say, “Let’s burn this sh– down.”

Sullivan filmed several encounters with Capitol police officers, several times protesting his exit from the building, stating that he was just recording, and telling them that they were ostracized by Trump supporters and should withdraw.

In an interview with Rolling Stone published on Wednesday, Sullivan said that many of the things he said on camera were an abuse to protect himself from the crowd of Trump supporters in the building and gain access to key vantage points for filming. He said that he had voluntarily handed over any documents that he had to law enforcement.

The criminal complaint against Sullivan confirms that he voluntarily participated in an interview with the FBI the next day of the uprising in the Capitol and that he assisted in handing over his footage.

The affidavit supporting the criminal charges states that Sullivan identifies himself as an “activist and journalist” but has no press evidence. The affidavit also states that on July 13, local law enforcement in Provo, Utah accused Sullivan of rioting and criminal mischief related to the June 30 protest, which shot and injured a civilian. The case is still pending.

Sullivan has repeatedly claimed that he was only in the Capitol to document and report.

The affidavit states that he has admitted that he has no press credentials and that there is no connection between Sullivan and any journalist organizations in the investigation.

The affidavit states that everything Sullivan said on camera – celebrating violent violations, arrogating rioters, suggesting different violent actions – supports the probable cause of the three charges filed against him As part of the federal government’s statement.

In a Rolling Stone interview, Sullivan said he did not fear to be arrested.

“I haven’t done anything. If they were after me, I would have been arrested already. That is for sure,” he said.


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