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The man who bought bananas from the supermarket finds a Brazilian poisonous spider

  A bite of the Brazilian Wandering Spider can cause painful erections that last for hours.
The Brazilian wandering spider is the most poisonous arachnid in the world, and grows to almost 15 cm in width.

A man was stunned when he discovered a Brazilian poisonous spider in a package of bananas he bought in a supermarket The deadly spider was among the fruit after 52-year-old Neil Langley went to the Asda supermarket in West Midlands

Langley only noticed the brown arachnid when he came to his lunch later at work in the Department of Work and Pensions.

According to Bristol Post, Langley's colleagues called the RSPCA, which identified the weirdo as the infamous Brazilian vagabond spider, or Phoneutria . The spider, which has distinctive red jaws and can grew to five inches, was then donated to the Bristol Zoo.

Langley told reporters that an office came to pick up the spider and took it to the Bristol Zoo. Bilston's administrative assistant, Wolverhampton, believes that the spider was accidentally packed with fruit in Costa Rica.

"I'm not afraid of spiders, in fact I like them a lot, but the idea of ​​having one of the most lethal creatures in the world is close to you is a bit disconcerting," he said.

The bite of the wandering spider can cause priapism in men, which means that the penis remains painfully erect for several hours.

The bite can cause severe pain, nausea, blurred vision, seizures, vertigo and sweating. Bitten humans, particularly children, run the risk of dying hours after being bitten, but there is an effective antidote available in Brazil.

"When it was lunchtime, I opened the package and noticed it in one of the bananas," he said. "At first I was surprised, because it did not look good, it looked like a spider, but it was brown and almost transparent."

Asda offers reassurance

"I did not really think it was a threat, but some of my colleagues started to worry a bit about that," he said.

He continued: "Eventually, I went into a one-hour meeting, and by the time I left, a colleague of mine who was an animal lover had phoned the RSPCA, who said it must be a Brazilian vagabond spider.

" We were all a little baffled by the idea that such a weird spider could have been sitting on one of my bananas like that. I was lucky that he had not crawled into my house or my job bank, otherwise, who knows where he could have arrived? "

" We sell about a billion bananas every year and each and every one is washed, they sprayed and manually checked the quality and the stowaways before being transported to the UK, "said an Asda spokesman.

" We would like to assure all our customers that the possibility of finding a spider is incredibly low and is even less likely that a tropical spider could survive outside its warm climate "

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