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The Malay hip-hop artist wearing the hijab goes viral

Malaysian rapper, Bunga (Flower), whose real name is Noor Ayu Fatini Mohd Bakhari, has gained worldwide fame since a video of his rap in a hijab and the traditional Malay baju kurung went viral.

The video was of his performance in a competition in his home state of Perak, Malaysia, last November.

The clothing for which she is now famous almost did not happen. Bunga told the Associated Press (AP) that he had arrived at the place "in normal clothes" but that he had bought the baju kurung at the last minute. While his attire has certainly given him more exposure, he said it also comes with some setbacks.

"We can not jump so much using the baju kurung," Bunga said. He also shared with the news outlet that he had been criticized for "tearing down the image of women" by abducting a hijab.

However, she is facing her critics head on. "I've realized that there are more hijabis that want to rap, I think that's good because you should not worry about what others are saying."

She raps about her personal life and stays away from obscenity and racism. Its history has been collected by publications in Canada and Hong Kong and even by the New York Times.

Last month, he performed in Singapore during Pesta Raya, an annual showcase of Malaysian arts. He also starred in 16 Baris earlier this year, a popular YouTube program that highlights the promising hip-hop acts throughout Southeast Asia.

Bunga now has its headquarters in Kuala Lumpur and wants to be successful in the music industry. "I want to make many songs. I want to go on tour. I want to release records. I want to go to the whole world, "he told AP.

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