The Making of the Kisser’s Creed Vallah’s Best Bonus Area

One of the best parts of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Does not happen in England. Spoilers wherever you go. It is one of the best parts of the game. We recently asked those who created it to explain its origin.

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The area under consideration is called Vineland and is on the northeastern coast of North America. Field trip changes the rules of the game. Vineland forces players to leave all of their powerful weapons and gear behind, rather than allowing them to carry out their mission for basic supplies and weapons, aiming for a single, powerful target in a large, sparsely populated forest Scrooge must be done to complete.

by the way, Spoiler We are not in the bus Assassin’s Creed Valhalla But for another game in the franchise covering North America, Assassin’s creed.

This area of ​​the game, with its own large map, wildlife and experience, stuck with me even after it was finished. After killing, searching and conquering England as a powerful Viking warrior, it was the perfect platelet cleaner. But I also wanted to know more about Vineland. How is a team working on a huge game already Vallah, To try and make something as big and different as Vineland? Where does the idea for this kind of thing come from? And how do you add it back to the franchise’s labyrinth? Ubisoft gave some surprising answers about the development and production of Vineland.

Illustration Creed Valahlas / i Best Bonus Area for IAssassins creation article Title

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Initial ideas for this field came from Yves Guilot, CEO of Ubisoft, according to Darby Mesdewitt, director of fiction Vallah. When the Ubisoft Montreal team pitched the setting and theme Vallah, Guilmat said that the Vikings were among the first Europeans to travel to North America and wondered if it would be an element of history that could be portrayed in the game. However, there was a problem. In vikings Vallah Sails for America would not be established until 1000 AD, and Vallah was set during the 870s. “As we thought about how it might fit into the historical timeline Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, We felt that it could work really well – through the lens of the Assassins and the Templars, two groups in our game who always seem to be one step ahead of real history, “McDevitt explained.

Although the initial plan for Vineland came from pitch meetings early in the game’s production, actual development on it would not begin until much later, as teams working on the game had a better understanding of the various systems and features. This allowed them to create something that felt different from what was already working. The developers wanted Vineland to be an existential experience. “Carrying on a field and arriving at the ‘feeling of being naked and terrified’,” is how level director Philip Bergeran put it. “With your skills alone with a tough challenge, you need to find your way.”

Illustration Creed Valahlas / i Best Bonus Area for the article titled Creation of the IAssassins Title

Screenshot: Ubisoft / Kotaku

Vineland allowed the team to create an in-game arena that would have a single, critical kill target and allow players to convey their point of view on a much larger scale than any other mission.

Its founding, America’s wilderness, and because of it, was different from the rest of the game’s open fields, rolling hills, cities, and farms, as the creation of Vineland’s world was a challenge. This will require more original assets and art. Creating a lot of extra content for a small studio would be difficult, but Ubisoft was able to leverage one of its many other teams to create a more nature-focused Vineland map.

“The team working on the field was from Ubisoft Singapore, which is Assassins Creed Giants, ”said Rika Lim, lead level designer at Ubisoft Singapore. “Most people who were working on it have worked on at least two to three titles.” Because players would come to Willand with nothing but shirts on their backs and earned from their skills, the developers of Ubisoft Singapore built Vineland around the concept of stealth, allowing players to use more cautious tactics .

Ubisoft thought of Vineland as a “speed breaker”, something that would challenge players to survive without their regular gear, while allowing them to discover a new realm and its core people. It is the original people of Vineland, Kaniakeh: ka, who also designed Ubisoft as the “one-time adventure” of Vinland’s territory, with some players touring for a few hours, then left behind. The team did not want to change much of history by allowing the Vikings to build a permanent settlement 200 years ago, with most historians believing that the Vikings first toured the continent. And they tried to avoid any friction between Eivor and the Native Americans living there. “We were careful not to present Ivar as an adversary or protector of the people of Vineland,” McElwitt said. “Evor’s goal was to always track and defeat a single enemy.


Screenshot: Ubisoft / Kotaku

This desire to create Vineland as a one-time survival adventure led to the decision not to allow players to carry the gear they had acquired in Villanland. Fans have asked about this since release, but have not acted with the team’s goal.

“Heading for Vineland, we wanted that experience to feel like a self-contained living loop,” said Bergeron. For this to be true, we have to start anew in the environment that will be stripped of your gear. That experience would have been broken by having the player leave the area with that gear and upgrade it back home, so that’s why we finally decided on this structure. “

For longtime fans of Assassins Creed, This is not the first time Kanyeke’s people have appeared in the franchise. They play a big role Assassin’s creed. A youngster of the tribe, Ratnohanke: Ton (also known as Conor), is the main character of that game. But this is a different time period. ACIII Was established in the 900 years following the events of the 1770s Assassin’s creed Valhalla. Ubisoft wanted to ensure that when they arrived in Ivor, they presented an authentic and period-appropriate depiction of the tribe. To do this he reached out to Akwirthheka Martin, the same Kinyenkeh: language consultant who works with Ubisoft Assassin’s creed

But more tangible than this Assassin’s creed Is in Vallah Vineland Vol.


Screenshot: Ubisoft / Kotaku

The target of Ivor’s assassination in Vineland is Gorm, a high-ranking member of the Order of the Ensigns (aka Proto-Templar). He also has a strange sphere, which is actually an ancient Isuo guiding him to a hidden temple. The order wants to arrive, which is why they are in Vineland in the first place. Once Ivor defeated him, he decided to give the strange object to the original people of Vineland, protecting them with powerful artifacts. This circle is the one in which Conor encounters early Assassin’s creed. And the temple where gorm is searched, the same temple is seen inside. ACIII Too.

Idea to add ACIII To Vallah Vineland arrived very early in the development process. “We were researching landing sites that the Vikings were on the North American coast and a location very close to where the village of Conor was Assassin’s Creed III, “Bergeron said. “So, for fans (including myself) we made that link very quickly. “

McDevitt admits that Vallah’s backstory for the Isu region of Conor was not planned back when ACIII Made in 2012. “It would be an incredible testament to our ability to plan and execute. But none. When the crystal ball originated was not clear Assassin’s creed Was in production, ”he said.

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