The makers of Godfall give a long look to the PlayStation 5 gameplay

GodfallThe Gearbox software-published action-adventure for PC and PlayStation 5, got a closer look during Thursday’s State of Play event. Developer Counterplay Games stated that players will be rewarded for being aggressive, taking risks, mastering combat combinations and dominating the field.

The Game Awards 2019 was first announced, Godfall Not much has been shown since, except for leaks of some old work-in-progress footage in January and a slightly longer trailer shown at last June’s PS5 Future of Gaming event. In Thursday’s trailer, Godfall Game director Keith Lee takes players on a tour of the game’s five different weapon classes and the player character’s special abilities, and how they combine to defeat Gaylor Godfall.

Lee insisted that all of the game’s loot and gear be unlocked through gameplay, with no microtrans of any kind, nor any new content waiting to be distributed or patched. “It’s all in the game one day,” Lee said.

Counterplay strives to create a game that balances the effects of both gear and player skills, so that users feel as if they have accomplished something, rather than just a gear score. GodfallThe style of play embraces offense over defense, Lee said, and players will often find themselves against multiple enemies.

Godfall No release date yet; It is due to launch sometime in late 2020.