The main wedding reception was now linked to the deaths of 7 people who were not present.

At least seven people have died in connection with a coronovirus outbreak that continues to attract people after Maine. wedding reception Public health officials said the state’s virus guidelines were violated over the summer. None of the seven people who have died have joined the wedding, CBS-affiliated people inform WABI.

Big Moise in Millincet, Maine.


The wedding reception in August at the Big Moss Inn in Millinket has been linked to more than 175 confirmed cases of the virus, the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention said on Tuesday.

Maine officials have identified overlap between wedding receptions and outbreaks elsewhere in the state. An employee of the York County Jail attended the wedding, Maine CDC officials have said. Maine health officials have also called an outbreak at the Madison Rehabilitation Center, the site of six of the seven deaths, linked to the marriage because an employee of the facility lives as the same person who attended.

The cases of virus stems from marriage have sprung hundreds of miles in a state that largely controlled the spread of coronovirus through the summer. Since March, less than 5,000 cases of the virus have been reported in Maine.

But the increasing number of marriage-related cases, which were reduced to 50 people state guidelines or indoor ceremonies, may undo some of that progress if it continues to move forward. Officials have said that more than 65 people attended the wedding.

The six people who died at the Madison Rehabilitation Facility were all residents of that facility and none of them attended the wedding reception, Maine CDC Director Dr. Nirav Shah said.

Shah said, “The Maine CDC is concerned about where we are, and I’m asking everyone else to share in that concern. COVID-19, is not on the other side of the fence right now. It’s our yard. Is in. ” “The gains that Maine has made against Coin-19 are unfortunate and could be washed away by misfortune.”

The wedding was also annulled by Todd Bell, pastor of Calvary Baptist Church in Sanford. The Maine CDC is currently investigating to determine if an outbreak in the church is associated with an outbreak of marriage. Shah said 10 people have become ill from the outbreak.

The Calvary Baptist Church released a statement on Tuesday stating that “many Calvary Baptist Church members attended the wedding”. The statement said the church is taking precautions to limit the spread of the virus and it will defend its right to continue holding services.

“The Calvary Baptist Church has the legal right to meet. The right of the local Christian church, Jewish synagogue, or Muslim mosque to assemble for their respective religious services is a respected time in the history of our country from inception. ” The statement said. “These religious activities are fully protected under the First Amendment to our United States Constitution.”

Bell has been criticized for government efforts to control coronovirus, and videos show that he has conducted services without the use of social disturbances. He is a lawyer known nationally for defending the religious rights of churches. Neither Bell nor the attorney working with the church, David Gibbs of Florida, responded to a request Tuesday for in-person comment.

Maine CDC spokesman Robert Long said the agency’s investigation shows “there are several possible points of transmission associated with the August 7 wedding and reception.” He said that the agency is working to limit the spread of the virus and to support those affected by it.

Shah said that the state’s percentage positivity rate has increased to 0.63% for the last seven days. At one point, the rate was less than half a percent. Shah said the rate is about 5% below the national average.

“The trends we’ve seen in the last two weeks suggest that things are either getting worse or not getting better,” WABI reported. “We are asking everyone that they can do their part. Even though there were positive signs on the horizon, low hospitalization rates, generally favorable levels of testing, are still subject to the signs. We who He doesn’t want to be. The corresponding signs carry the positive. “