The Magic 2021 set roadmap features Kaldheim, which returns to Innistrad.

Next year of Magic the Gathering The set was designed during today Zendikar rising Debut Moment Livestream features the introduction of a long-spec aircraft and the return of one of the most loved aircraft Magic.

In addition to more than 20 performances Zendikar rising Wizards of Cards, Coast, gave information on their 2021 roadmap, which began with next year’s winter set Kaldheim. Kalhem’s plane is MagicA world inspired by hiking. Fans have asked to visit Kaldime since it was first shown in 2009. Planchase.

Strixhaven A spring 2021 with the tagline of “the most elite university in multiverse” is scheduled for release. The location of this set is unknown and is not shown in any previous section Magic Card art.

Adventures in forgotten places The set is 2021, possibly replacing the usual summer core set. This set is marketed as Dungeons & Dragons Comes to Magic. Dungeons & Dragons Was featured in several supplements Magic Set. There was a card in the sword of Dungeons and Dragons Unstable. The initial collaboration between the two brands was in 2018 with the release of Guildmaster’s Guide to Ravenica, which set a sourcebook Magic Aircraft of Revanica. This year was followed by Mythic Odysseys of Theros, a sourcebook set in Theros.

In addition to announcing three new aircraft, Magic Will return to popular planes and revisit beloved sets.

Innistrad Fall is returning in 2021 with two anonymous sets, which will heavily feature the werewolf and vampire creature types. Innistrad Was first released in 2011 and follow-up Shadow over enrister Launched in 2016.

Time spiral remaining One of the most experimental sets is the return Magic For the first time in 14 years. This will be the second remastered set after release Amonkhet remastered in August Magic arena.

Modern horizon 2 No release window has been announced for the following year as well. This is the sequel Modern horizon In 2019, which was considered to be an excellent draft environment and was the first set that left the standard and printed straight into modern.