The love of Albert II, a former Belgian king, seeks equal rights in court as his legitimate children

The former Belgian king’s love child is seeking the same rights and titles through the courts as his father’s legitimate children.

Delfin Boel, 52, is the child of former Belgian King Albert II.

After claiming paternity for over a decade, the ex-royal admitted that he was her father in January this year.

Artist Delphin’s mother, Baroness Sibyl de Laleschamps, claims she had an affair with 86-year-old Albert before he became king.

Delphin Boel, the love child of the Belgian king, Albert II, is asking the courts to give him the same rights as his other children.

Former Belgian King Albert II, father of artist Delphine Boel

Former Belgian King Albert II, father of artist Delphine Boel

Rumors of a royal scandal first surfaced in 1999 in an unauthorized biography about Albert’s wife, Queen Paola, over claims of an illegitimate child.

The former king had never made any public statements on the allegations, except for a cryptic statement in his 1999 Christmas message, in which he said that he and Queen Paola had gone through a ‘crisis’ in the late 1960s. Their marriage nearly ended, but that ‘sometime back’ they overcame their marital problems.

The BBC said Miss Boel initially alleged on record that King Albert was her biological father during an interview in 2005.

After that, she repeatedly states that she was the king’s daughter and used it as a subject in some of her professional artwork.

When Albert was on the throne, he could not be forced to appear in court – limiting Miss Boel’s chances of proving the case.

However, she began court proceedings in 2013 when she was removed from the throne and lost her royal immunity.

Miss Boel’s lawyer, Mark Uyendele, said on Thursday that he is seeking the same rights as Albert’s three other children – Philippe, now King of Belgium, Prince Laurent and Princess Astrid.

Mr Uetendale told the BBC: ‘Delphin’s position is not whether she wants to be a princess or not.

‘She does not want to be a cut-price child, she wants privileges, titles and abilities just like her brothers and her sister.’

A previous lawyer said Miss Boel was not motivated by the money, as she was better off as Boll – a family of about $ 1 billion industrialists.

Delphin Boel (center), the former Belgian king's love child, is seeking the same rights as Albert II's other children

Delphin Boel (center), the former Belgian king’s love child, is seeking the same rights as Albert II’s other children

Baroness Sybil de Lelychemes with Baroness Dieter von Malsen Ponkiou, mother of Delphine Boel

Baroness Sybil de Lelychemes with Baroness Dieter von Malsen Ponkiou, mother of Delphine Boel

King Philip of Belgium who enshrined his father on the throne

King Philip of Belgium who enshrined his father on the throne

Princess Astrid on royal duties

Prince Laurent - Younger son of former King Albert II

Princess Astrid, daughter of former King Albert II and her youngest son Prince Laurent

Lifeline of former king albert

He was born in 1934 as the second line to the throne King Leopold III and the son of the Swedish princess Astrid.

Astrid died in a car accident when Albert was 15 months old, and Albert fled the country when occupied by the Nazis during World War II, eventually returning to Belgium in 1950.

In 1959 he married the Italian Dona Paola Ruffo de Calabria and the couple remain to this day, despite being accepted by Albert about the marital difficulties between the two.

They have three children together: Philippe, Astrid and Laurent, and Albert finally admitted earlier this year that Delphine Boel is her biological daughter.

Albert ascended the throne in 1993 after the death of his brother King Baudouin, who had no children with his wife, Queen Fabiola.

He served as the Emperor of Belgium for two decades, occupying mostly a ceremonial role, although he stepped in with a constitutional role during the long political deadlock in Belgium in 2010–11.

In 2013, he entrusted the throne to his son Philip, stating that his age and health meant that he could not perform his duties properly.

It has been suggested that if the court ruled in her favor that Miss Boel’s children would be eligible for the royal title.

But Albert’s legal team claims that Miss Boel can only be given the title princess by royal decree and not by the court.

Baroness Longchamps states that her affair with the then Prince Albert began in 1966 and lasted until 1984.

She says she had a regular appearance during the early years of Miss Boel’s life.

In 1978, Longchamps divorced the claimant’s legal father, Jacques Boel, and Belgian media reports claimed that he had deserted his daughter due to the family’s embarrassment.

Albert married Queen Paola, or Paola Ruffo de Calabria, as she was then known, in 1959 and the Italian princess was long seen as a glamor of glamor in the Belgian royal family.

On one occasion he was not allowed to enter the Vatican in 1969 as he wore a miniskart, while in Rome he was seen driving around on motor scooters.

Albert came to the throne of Belgium only after the unexpected death of his brother King Baudouin at the age of 62 in 1993.

A famous Bon Weaver, he was popular with both people and politicians for his easy style and was seen as a unifying factor in a linguistically divided country.

He remained on the throne in July 2013, citing ill health, in favor of his son Philip.

In 2018, a Brussels court ordered Albert to give a genetic sample to put an end to the case.

He was finally presented for trial in 2019 after facing a € 5,000 (£ 4,600) fine for every day, which he refused to comply with.

In January 2020, Albert’s lawyer revealed the results of the trial – which proved that the former king was Miss Boel’s biological father.

Miss Boel’s lawyer said at the time that ‘her response was one of relief, emotion, but also shows a wound that would not heal.’

He told RTL television that ‘his life was very bad due to the search for identity’.

Delphine Boel and her solicitor Mark Uetendale out of court after the latest hearing

Delphine Boel and her solicitor Mark Uetendale out of court after the latest hearing

The King of Belgium is a constitutional emperor who plays a ceremonial role in large-scale affairs.

However, he was forced to make rare political interventions in 2010 and 2011 during a long period of political deadlock in the country.

The Royals have particularly faced criticism after it was revealed that Baudouin’s widow Queen Fabiola planned to pass on an estate in Spain, using a trust to avoid paying taxes.

According to reports, the Belgian government reformed the system of allowances and taxation for members of the monarchy.

Queen Paola, now 83 years old, also had a less public role as Albert abdicated in Philip’s favor.

Many see King Philip as a more reserved character than his father. He asked a Belgian astronaut in 1992 to address him by his first name. ‘I think there is no protocol in space,’ he said.

Next to the throne line is 18-year-old Princess Elizabeth, daughter of Philip and Queen Mathilde.

The royal family announced this year that Elizabeth would enter the Royal Military School in Brussels to help prepare for royal duty.

She was previously studying International Baccalaureate at Atlantic College, Glamorgan in Wales.


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