The Los Angeles Dodgers-Tampa Bay Rays Series World Series has a TV rating of 32% lower than the previous low on average

ARLINGTON, Texas – The Los Angeles Dodgers’ six-game win over the Tampa Bay Rays garnered a television rating of 32% below the previous World Series average.

Nilsson Media Research said on Wednesday that six games on Fox had a 5.2 rating, 12 shares, and 9,785,000 viewers. The previous following was a 7.6 rating, 12 shares, and 12,660,000 viewers for the Detroit Tigers’ four-game sweep of the Detroit Tigers in 2012.

This year’s ratings for the seventh game win over the Houston Astro last year were 8.1%, 16 shares and 36% below the average of 14,067,000 viewers.

Game 3–1 win over Los Angeles on Tuesday night at 6 averaged 6.8 ratings, 15 shares and an average of 12,627,000 viewers, down from 9.6 ratings, 19 shares and a 7–2 win in Washington at an average of 16,551,000 viewers. Won in year.

Last year’s series average game was up by 7, when the National’s 6–2 win averaged a 13.1 rating, 25 shares, and 23,217,000 viewers.

Fox said that when Spanish-language coverage was included on Fox Deportes and the streaming platform, Game 6 received 13,215,000 viewers.

Audiences for the Dodgers’ first title clinic since 1988 picked up 14,351,000, Fox’s biggest Tuesday night audience since last year’s 6 games.

Game 6 received 27.5 ratings and 48 shares in Los Angeles, the highest for the Dodgers since the Game 7 loss to Houston in 2017, with the market having a 36.7 rating and 56 shares. The final game received an 18.2 rating and 33 shares in Tampa, Florida, the highest for the Rays since the fifth and final game of the 2008 World Series against Philadelphia, a 29.8 rating and 42 shares.

This year’s series averaged 21.2 ratings and 40 shares in Los Angeles and 15.2 ratings and 29 shares in Tampa.

The rating is the percentage of television households ready for a broadcast. This share is the percentage of times you watch broadcasts between those households with TV on time.

This fall has been lower ratings for the Games, possibly due to lower viewership during the coronovirus epidemic and competition from presidential election-related programming.


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