The Listeria and the risk of botulism request that two types of raw food for dogs be removed

Another day, another pet food recall? It is a disturbing trend and we continue to see it.

According to, the last recall involves at least two types of OC Raw Dog raw dog foods that have been observed for possible contamination. Apparently, the New Jersey Department of Agriculture discovered listeria in a sample of the raw pet food product, and as a result, approximately 1,560 pounds of the frozen raw canine formula of chicken, fish and brand products have been removed.

specific varieties of the aforementioned foods:

  • Meaty Rox 3-pound bags
  • bags 4-pound Slider
  • doggie bags Dozen 6.5-pound Patty
  • Meaty Rox bags 7-pound

Customers are directed to look in the lower rear corner of the package for a label with batch No. 3652 and expiration date of October 11, 2018. This portion of food was distributed in Florida, California, Colorado, Maryland, Minnesota, Pennsylvania and Vermont, but may have reached specialized stores in many other states.

Pets infected with Listeria will exhibit flu symptoms. Affected animals may experience lethargy, loss of appetite, fever, vomiting, poor coordination and diarrhea. If left untreated, the infection can lead to inflammation of the brain, which is often fatal. If your pet may have eaten any of the above products and shows symptoms of infection, it is important that you take them to a veterinarian immediately. Listeria infections can be effectively treated when they are detected early, but they can also be transferred to humans, either by handling food with listeria or by coming in contact with dirty surfaces that touched contaminated food.

Surprisingly, the second memory has to do with sizing. 3.2 oz. Freeze-dried sardine bags from OC Raw Dog were removed because some are too large.

"The FDA has determined that non-eviscerated salt-cured, dried or fermented fish over 5 inches have been linked to outbreaks of botulism poisoning between 1981 and 1987 and again in 1991. Because OC Raw Dog Freeze Dried Sardines "The 6.5-inch fish were found in sardines by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture, but the product did not yield positive results of botulism or salmonella. No cases of illness have been reported. (Florida, California, Texas, Maryland, Minnesota, Colorado and Pennsylvania specialty pet stores sold the sardine product.)

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The FDA also says that botulism can cause "dizziness, blurred or double vision," trouble speaking or swallowing, difficulty breathing, muscle weakness, bloating and constipation, "and even death

Customers are advised to return previous products to their original purchase location for a full refund, and if they have questions call 1-844-215-DOGS, Monday through Friday, from 11 am to 8 pm Eastern Time


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