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The list of songs by Eminem & # 39; Revival & # 39; presents some surprising guest appearances

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The launch of Eminem Revival has not exactly been a resounding success. His much-anticipated back single "Walk On Water" with Beyonce failed, and whether it was a coincidence or not, the album seems to have been delayed later. Still, Em is a megastar and there are a lot of rumors for his new album, and now, with a little more than a week until Revival hits stores, Shady himself took him to Twitter to reveal the list of songs on the album. album and has great surprises.

The 19-track album, which features an interlude and an introduction, presents some of the familiar faces of Eminem's albums such as Pink and Skylar Gray, but also features some surprising names, and one stands out in particular: Ed Sheeran . Kehlani and Alicia Keys will also make appearances along with Phresher and the New York rock band X Ambassadors. The only dazzling omission after his highly publicized collaboration: 2 Chainz.

It seems that Em is loading on the hooks sung for an album that, judging by the first single, represents a kind of turning point for the 45-year-old rapper. Beyond "Walk On Water", no one really knows what to expect from Revival beyond the faint whispers that will feature some anti-Trump rhetoric after Em's biting freestyle at the BET Hip-Hop Awards of this year. I guess we'll all find out on December 15th.

See the list of songs Revival below.

Revival List of songs:
1. "Walk On Water (feat. Beyonce)"
2. "Believe"
3. "Chloraseptic (feat. Phresher)"
4. "Intocable"
5. "River (feat. Sheeran) "
6." Remind me (Introduction) "
7." Remind me "
8." Revival (Interlude) "
9." Like Home (feat. Alicia Keys) "
10. "Bad Husband (feat. X Ambassadors)"
11. "Tragic Endings (feat. Skylar Gray)"
12. "Framed"
13. "Nowhere Fast (feat. Kehlani)"
14. "Heat"
15. "Offended"
16. "Need Me (Pink feat.)"
17. "On your head"
18. "Castle"
19. "Arose"

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