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The life of the dog is endangered by the dyes of human hair

  Killer Color: Life of the Dog in Danger by Human Hair Dye

Violet, a dog in Florida, found most of her skin dyed purple, which caused burns and other injuries.

Credit: Pinellas County Animal Services [19659004] A dog suffered life-threatening injuries after its fur was dyed with human hair, according to an animal shelter in Florida.

The dog, a Maltese mix called Violet, found most of its skin dyed purple. according to Pinellas County Animal Services (PCAS), which recently shared the story of Violet on Facebook. The dog was in serious condition: it had swollen eyes, it had burns on the skin and it seemed "flaccid and apathetic," the publication said.

The shelter staff initially treated Violeta with liquids and analgesics, and washed all the dye from her coat as best they could. The next day, Violet was subjected to anesthesia while shaving the sack. During the shaving, the staff noticed that Violet's skin was falling off. "It was much worse than we initially thought," the publication said.

  Violet after its treatment.

Violet after its treatment.

Credit: Pinellas County Animal Services

Dye for human hair contains toxic chemicals and should never be used on dogs or other pets, said PCAS. The chemicals (which can include hydrogen peroxide and bleach) can cause a series of external injuries to pets, including burns and, if substances get into the eyes of an animal, blindness, said the shelter. In addition, because dogs lick instinctively, dying their skin could cause internal burns or poisoning, the shelter said. [7 Surprising Health Benefits of Dog Ownership]

"Only use products specifically designed for pets, or you could put your pet's life in danger," the publication said.

After three months of treatment, which included antibiotics, intravenous fluids, honey treatments, scab removal and bandage changes, Violet seemed to be improving. She started walking and barked again. However, the staff was still concerned that Violet would experience complications, such as permanent blindness or infection, PCAS said.

But he recovered well and now has new owners who specialize in beautifying pets, said PCAS.

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