The LG Wing’s leaked hands-on video finally shows how the rotating dual display works

Earlier today, LG confirmed that its upcoming ‘Explorer Project’ smartphone will be called Wing. So far we have seen the upcoming dual-display smartphone with a swinging design in some videos and leaked renders, but only with two screens locked at a certain angle. It was believed that the secondary screen would come out of the back, but we were not yet seen in action. Eventually change. A hand-leaked video finally shows the LG Wing’s display rotating on the camera. And it is not the secondary performance that swings into action, but the primary performance at the top.

The top full screen panel is impressively thin, and appears to rotate all the way up to 90-degrees in a relatively smooth fashion. When rotated, the main display appears to lock itself horizontally at the top, creating a ‘T’ shape with the secondary display occupying only half the vertical space, while rotating the remaining half display. Hardware hides. Of course, LG will give it a fancy name and go to great lengths explaining the engineering behind it, but at least now we know how it works on the surface. And to be honest, it looks great.

LG’s wing smartphone has a Type-C port at the bottom along with the speaker. Also, we get a peep-and-you-miss-it glimpse of the curved slope of the rear panel, which shows a glossy finish. It would be really terrible if LG could give the wing the same design treatment as the LG Velvet.

Additionally, according to A. ETNews The report, LG Wing’s shipment price, is reportedly set at KRW 1.09 million (~ $ 918), while the cost calculated after the “value-added tax rate” is reflected in the factory price (translation) The KRW comes down to 1.91 million (~ $ 1608) – both corresponding to a previous leak. LG has promised to share more information about its upcoming smartphone on 14 September.