CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) – The first naked boxing match sanctioned by the state had a bloody end Saturday night – and a great response from a shrill crowd.

Arnold Adams, a 32-year-old MMA heavyweight, beaten ex-UFC DJ fighter Linderman's face in a bloody mess in front of 2,000 noisy fans at a hockey rink that usually organizes birthday parties and skating lessons in the capital of Wyoming. Tens of thousands more tuned for the pay-per-event event, which included 10 bouts, including four heavyweight bouts in a tournament format.

Fans lined up outside the Cheyenne Ice and Events Center more than an hour before the first major event in the United States since 1889. Forrest Peters of Cheyenne was among the attendees. He came to cheer on Estevan Payan, who served in the same army unit as Peters, and to witness the story.

"With the fight to the brim and everything, making them come back for the first time in over 100 years, I knew it's very exciting to see him," Peters said, "and especially have him here in Cheyenne, a little bit here where the West is still a bit wild. "

Payan, of Tempe, Arizona, did not disappoint, floor Omar Avelar at 1:57 of the opening round of a 145-pound bout.

The quickest coup de grace occurred when Sam Shewmaker used a punch, a right hand, to send Eric Prindle to the canvas 18 seconds after his heavyweight bout. [19659006] "It felt like hitting a home run," said Shewmaker, a fourth-generation stone mason from the small central Missouri city of Gravois Mills. "I did not think I could catch him so early, but luckily I did."

Shewmaker has been an amateur boxer for years, and when he heard about the Wyoming event, he tried and got an opportunity to compete.

"I never dreamed it would be legal to be able to do this," he said. "I've been in a lot of illegal fights, I mean growing up where I did it, in the area that I did, it's a bit hard, but people are gentlemen about it too, you can fight, you get up, you're done , you shake his hand and go have a beer. "# 19659006 Bec Rawlings, a 29-year-old from Brisbane, Australia, won the only fight of the night with women, stopping Alma Garcia with a technical knockout in the second round

Rawlings noticed little difference between fighting with gloves.

"I felt the same as receiving a punch as in an MMA fight, which is what my experience is," he said. more knuckles: when I punched him, I felt a little more. Apart from that, it was really nice to just let go and show my boxing skills and not worry about a knockdown or a kick. [19659006] "I felt like the purest form of combat sports to get out and throw your hands and let go."

Tony Lopez lost the most entertaining fight of the night, one of five rounds against his compatriot Joey Beltran. The crowd was standing and roaring when the two heavyweights exchanged punches and beat him to the end, with both men bruised, cut and bloodied.

"The knuckles were nothing," said Lopez, 44. "… I always wanted to fight without gloves, I had the opportunity to do it here."

Beltran and Shewmaker joined Ricco Rodriguez and Maurice Jackson in the semifinals of the heavyweight division tournament, to be held in September, also in Cheyenne.

Naked underground heavyweight proclaimed Bobby Gunn also fought, knocking out Irineu Beato Costa Jr. in 41 seconds.

Cheyenne resident Bryan Pedersen, an MMA fighter and former state legislator, successfully sponsored a bill in 2012 to create a state mixed martial arts board: the first While the MMA was thriving, competition to the Naked was not even considered when the law was pbaded. However, Wyoming took the opportunity to stage the action of Nude Knuckles Championships after another 28 states pbaded.

The Boxing Hall of Fame said the last major fight was on July 8, 1889, when John L. Sullivan batted 75 rounds to beat Jake Kilrain. Even that event was illegal and had to be organized under the protection of secrecy as most states had banned the non-gloated version of boxing.

The clashes were forced into hiding until 2011, when the Yavapai Nation sanctioned a fight that Gunn won against Richard Stewart in the reservation of the tribe in Arizona. The fight attracted more than a million spectators, and the promoter of that event and the one of Wyoming, David Feldman, realized that there was a hungry market of fights without painting within the fanatic base of the combat sports. It took another seven years to find a state willing to sanction the next event.

Wyoming became the first state to sanction and regulate sport activity. His commission reviewed research that indicated that boxing without gloves would be safer than other combat sports. Especially when it comes to concussions, Pedersen said, adding that the commission, which he chairs, spent about a year developing the new rules that govern the sport. He also saw Saturday's competition and future matches as a way to generate economic diversity and promote the Cowboy State and its strong sense of Western independence.

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