The legacy of ‘s *** stain 17’ can be decided against ISU on Friday

They are proudly known as “Sh * tstain 17” because they did not get a good recruit-year nickname Tom harmanClasses of Creative Marketing Staff in 2018 (Revolution 18) and beyond.

On Tuesday, three SS17 members determined to carry their surname on course, when the Longhorn Seniors were playing their last home game at the Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium in Darrell against the CT Iowa State team at 11 a.m. Friday Were.

Senior defensive tackle and captain Ta’Con Graham said, “It is important for this senior class to be better than the volatile football program we have left.

“It means that we want to be at the top as Big 12 champions,” he said. We obviously have to take this week by week, and if we take care of business we will complete our destination. “

Longhorn’s senior quarterback Sam ehlinger Was taken for a trip down memory lane by journalists, one of whom asked him if he regrets saying, “Longhorn Nation !! Hum baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaq!” After beating Georgia in the Sugar Bowl, in 2018 Occupied 10–4 seasons?

“I don’t regret it because I learned from it,” said a chuckling Ehlinger. “It’s one of those things I’ll look back on and be like, ‘That was so funny.” I was still a teenager, so you can expect something like that from a teenager. But it was a big moment for me to learn.

“Definitely have no regrets about it. Now, will I have to do it again? Probably right there. But I do not regret it.

However, Ahlinger did not open up when asked what exactly was said between him and the Oklahoma quarterback Kylar Murray After a 48–45 win in the Cotton Bowl of Texas in 2018.

Ehlinger said with a smile, “Sorry. I do not remember. “

Several seniors, who will be recognized on Friday, will be transferred, such as defensive end Jacoby Jones and graduate transfer receiver Tariq Black and Brendan Schooler.

Others are fifth-year guys like safety Chris Brown and offensive lineman Denzel okafor And Tope Imade. Still others are long gone, such as running back Tonsil carter And receiver Jordan Pewsey, Which transferred. A couple walked away from football (cornerback) Kobe Boyce And defensive lineman Rob Cummins).

The seniors who followed as part of SS17 followed three straight losing seasons, resulting in Charlie strong Being replaced by Herman in the 2017 season.

“We came as a class that was not super high recruiting,” said the senior center and captain. Derek Kersetter. “Not all of us were big-name people. But a lot of us have come and played. So I think it was something special – just to see how we really wanted each other to succeed.

“We came down with our heads down, didn’t care what people said about us. So I think it was a lot of fun to see people like Sam Cosmie, who was so under-admitted, came in and just so good So, it was fun seeing people like her (Cosmi) and TQ and all those different people became so successful. “

The remaining SS17 members who will be recognized on Senior Day will be Halinger, Graham, Kersetter, left tackle and captain Sam Cosmie and tight end Cad brewer.

The highs for these seniors were: going 3–0 in bowl games, including a Texas Bowl win over Missouri for a 7-6 season in 2017; Sugar Bowl win over Georgia; And an Alamo Bowl win over then-No. 11 Utah, capping 8-5 seasons in 2019.

There were ups and downs. When Texas was ranked in the top 25 of the Associated Press, seven times like losing to opponents – the most such losses in that period. Back-to-back upsets by sad-sack Maryland teams felt like a frigid balloon through the air to open the 2017 and 2018 seasons.

These seniors are 1-4 against Oklahoma; 1-3 against TCU; 2–2 against Oklahoma State; 2–1 against Iowa State; 3–1 against Baylor, Texas Tech and West Virginia; And 3–0 against Kansas and Kansas State.

As for memorable moments, Ahlinger said that with 45 seconds left to throw a fourth-down touchdown pass to Armenti Foreman to take a 17-14 lead over USC in the Coliseum as a freshman in 2017 The player is high on the list. Kersetter said his memorable moment was beating USC after coming to Austin 14-3 next year.

UTU, K-State and KU have more memories with three games left as part of UT’s Control Your Own Destiny Tour.

Three lost in a row with Kansas State (4-4, 4-3) and now at their third-string quarterback – which happens as a freshman – and Kansas winless (0-4, 0-6 ), The most daunting challenge for Texas (5-2, 4-2) to close the regular season, will come on Friday.

Iowa State (6-2, 6-1) is an experienced team on a roll that is in the premier part of the country Breeze Hall And maybe the Big 12 defensive player at linebacker Mike rose, Which leads the league in interceptions (four) and ranks second in the league in tackles.

Take Cyclone down and these proud members of SS17 kept their dreams alive for possibly playing (and winning) for a Big 12 championship – no doubt about putting the program in a better place where they found it.

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