The lawyer said the woman files a multi-dollar personal injury lawsuit against Conor McGregor

A woman has filed a multi-dollar lawsuit against UFC superstar Connor McGregor for alleged personal injury, his lawyer confirmed with ESPN on Tuesday.

Lawyer for the woman, Dave Coleman, said the alleged incidents in 2018, were filed on Monday in the High Court in Dublin, Ireland. In addition, the woman’s mother has also filed a lawsuit against McGregor in a small claim. The lawyer will not provide any additional details on the case. According to The Independent, which first reported the lawsuit, an associate of McGregor is listed as a co-defendant.

“The case is before the court,” Coleman said.

The situation was the subject of an investigation by the National Police Service of the Republic of Ireland, A. Garda Cichauna, but no allegations were made against McGregor and McGregor has denied any wrongdoing, the Independent reported.

McGregor’s spokesman Karen said, “Following a detailed investigation conducted by the Garda, which included interviewing multiple sources, obtaining witness statements, examining closed-circuit footage and collaboration with Connor McGregor, in addition to the plaintiff’s interview . ” Kessler said in a statement. “The plaintiff knows the facts contrary to the claim in this lawsuit. Mr. McGregor will settle any claim and is confident that there will be justice.”

McGregor, one of the world’s most popular athletes, returns to the Octagon in a main event fight against Dustin Poire at UFC 257 on Saturday in Abu Dhabi. This will be McGregor’s first bout since UFC 246 in January 2020. Asked, Coleman said there was no specific reason for the timing of the lawsuit being filed.

The New York Times reported in 2019 that McGregor was the subject of two sexual assault investigations, although allegations have not been made and it is unclear whether those investigations are still open.

McGregor has had several run-ins with the law over the years. He was arrested in Brooklyn after throwing a dolly in a UFC bus after a media day in 2018 and was fined 1,000 euros for punching a man in a pub in a Dublin court in 2019. , Which was caught with the video.

Ariel Helwani of ESPN contributed to this report.


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