The latest trailer of & # 39; Veronica Mars & # 39; of Hulu reveals part of the story

The teaser launched last month promised means of drunks, shattered, flashers and fraternity boys. Now, we know that a crime wave will bring at least a mbadive explosion, and Mars will be responsible for finding the culprit. We knew that long-time cast members Jason Dohring and Enrico Colantoni would appear, but in the new trailer we can also see Patton Oswalt and JK Simmons.

As The edge notes that, according to reports, Hulu has acquired broadcast rights during the first three seasons of the program, as well as the film financed by crowdfunding. They are likely to be available this summer, so that viewers can catch up before the new season begins. That will be especially useful, given that the program was last broadcast in 2007, and even the most dedicated fans have probably forgotten some details in the 12 years since then.

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