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The latest: the United Nations human rights body votes for the Gaza investigation

JERUSALEM – The latest in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict (all times local):

5:50 pm

The main UN human rights body has voted in favor of establishing a commission of inquiry to investigate a deadly repression against protesters in Gaza by Israeli forces.

The UN The Human Rights Council, meeting in special session on Friday in Geneva, voted 29-2 with 14 abstentions to support a resolution that also condemns "the disproportionate and indiscriminate use of force by the occupation forces Israelis against Palestinian civilians. "

Israel condemned the resolution, which was presented by a group of countries, including Pakistan. The United States criticized it as an example of a partial approach in Israel by the council. Both regretted not mentioning the Hamas rulers of Gaza, whom Israel blames for the violence.

The commission of inquiry will be asked to submit a final report next March.


5:40 pm

The police said that the first services to celebrate the Friday of the Muslim-dominated world of Ramadan were completed at the Palestinian Al-Qaeda junction

. Spokesman Micky Rosenfeld says more than 90,000 attended prayers at the holy site.

Israeli security forces are on alert as the month of Muslim fasting begins this year amid tensions along the Gaza border fence.

Israeli fire killed nearly 60 Palestinians in a mass rally there on Monday.

The high number of casualties has provoked strong international condemnations against Israel and accusations that it is using excessive force.

Israel accuses Hamas, the Islamic militant group that governs Gaza, of exploiting civilians and using the protests to cover up the attacks.


5:45 pm

The Arab foreign ministers hold an emergency meeting three days after the opening of the US embassy. UU in Jerusalem and violence on the Gaza border, where Israeli forces killed dozens of Palestinians.

The Arab League has already condemned the relocation of the embassy, ​​and it was not clear if it would take any action after Thursday's meeting at its headquarters in Cairo.

The relocation of the Trump administration of the US Embassy. UU Tel Aviv's disputed Jerusalem disrupted decades of American policy and it was against international consensus that the state of the holy city should be resolved through negotiations. The Palestinians claim East Jerusalem as the capital of their expected state.

Massive protests in Gaza on Monday were aimed at the move of the embassy and the Israeli and Egyptian blockade of Gaza imposed after the Islamic militant group Hamas took power in 2007 Israeli forces killed nearly 60 Palestinians in protests massive along the border. A Hamas official says that 50 were members of the group.

Egypt, which hosts the Arab League, rarely opens its Rafah passenger crossing with Gaza, the only gateway to impoverished territory not controlled by Israel.


10 am

The Israeli army says it has carried out air strikes on militant sites in Gaza during the night in response to machine-gun fire that hit a building in the Israeli city of Sderot.

The army said on Thursday that the planes bombed a military compound and a weapons production facility in the northern Gaza Strip.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health says a man was seriously injured by the shrapnel, but he did not say whether he was inside a militant site or nearby.

after the Israeli forces were attacked from the Palestinian territory. The army said there were no injuries in the exchange on Wednesday.

Israeli fire killed nearly 60 Palestinians on Monday during a protest along the Gaza border. A senior Hamas official said 50 of the dead were members of the militant group.

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