The latest: the bomb explodes near Pakistan’s election rally

LAHORE, Pakistan – The latest on Pakistan's upcoming national elections and the return of Nawaz Sharif ( all the locals):

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Pakistani police say a bomb exploded near the elections meeting of a high-ranking politician from an Islamist party running for the parliament of the northwestern city of Bannu.

Police say that the explosion injured 20 people and the candidate escaped unharmed.

Local police chief Rashid Khan says candidate Akram Khan Durrani ended his speech when the bomb exploded near his rally on Friday.

Durrani appears in the July 25 vote against the popular former legislator Imran Khan.

Is a candidate of MMA, an electoral alliance of radical religion

No one claimed responsibility, but the bombing came days after a suicide bomber sent by the Pakistani Taliban killed the secular politician Haroon Ahmed Bilour and 20 others at their demonstration in the northwestern city of Peshwar.

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Authorities say former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif will be flown by helicopter to the federal capital of Islamabad when he returns from London to the eastern city of Lahore, Pakistan, to face a 10-year prison sentence for corruption. charges.

Sharif will return at 6 p. m. Friday from London, where he has been visiting his sick wife. He will be accompanied by his daughter Mariam, who was sentenced to seven years in prison.

Sharif's son-in-law is currently serving a one-year prison sentence.

Sharif is expected to appeal his conviction and seek bail.

Before his return, police swept Lahore, arresting dozens of workers from Pakistan's Muslims League party of Sharif to avoid being greeted at the airport.

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