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The latest: the authorities disclose the names of the murdered inmates

The latest in prison riots that killed seven inmates in South Carolina (all local times):

1:10 pm

Authorities released the names of the seven inmates killed by other inmates during a riot in the South Carolina maximum security prison.

The prisoners served between 10 years and life imprisonment. His crimes ranged from murder to theft and crack traffic.

Inmates are:

– Eddie Gaskins, 32, who turned 10 years of first-degree domestic violence.

– 33- Joshua Jenkins of one year, who turned 15 years of voluntary homicide.

– Corneilus McClary, 33, who turned 25 for first-degree robbery.

– Michael Milledge, 44, who turned 25 for trafficking crack cocaine.

– Damonte Rivera, 24, who was serving life in prison without parole for murder.

– Corey Scott, 36, who turned 22 due to kidnapping and armed robbery.

– Raymond Scott, 28, who turned 20 for assault and aggression of a high and aggravated nature.

County coroner Lee Larry Logan says all inmates were stabbed, beaten or beaten.

11:20 am

An inmate who witnessed a disturbance inside a South Carol In a prison he says he saw bodies piling up each other and the correctional officers did nothing to stop the violence or control the wounded.

A spokesman for state prisons says that seven inmates died and at least 17 others were seriously injured because the inmates fought uninterruptedly for more than seven hours. The authorities did not immediately say what triggered the violence. No prison guard was injured.

The prisoner who saw the disturbance exchanged messages with AP on condition of anonymity because he is not allowed to have a cell phone and fears reprisals from other inmates.

He says that most of the inmates are gang members and several attackers made fun of a member of the rival gang who was injured.

9:30 am

The governor of South Carolina is expressing his support for the state prison chief after the riots in a maximum security prison that killed seven inmates.

Gob. Henry McMaster spokesman Brian Symmes told The Associated Press on Monday that the governor has "full confidence" in the ability of director Bryan Stirling to head the South Carolina Department of Corrections.

Stirling was named by the then governor. Nikki Haley in 2013 to head the state prison agency. When McMaster took over as governor last year, he kept Stirling, who had previously worked for him in the State Attorney's Office.

Seven inmates died during the hours of rioting that began on Sunday night. The officers say that most of them were stabbed or stabbed; Unofficial officers were wounded, and the names of the dead have not been released.

8:45 a.m.

A coroner says that it seems that many of the seven inmates who were killed during riot hours with maximum security, the South Carolina prison died of stabbing and wounding.

County coroner Lee Larry Logan told The Associated Press that he had arrived at a chaotic scene of fights everywhere at the Lee Correctional Institution.

Logan says it looks like the seven were killed by stabbing or cutting. He says that others may have been beaten, but autopsies will be needed to confirm what caused his death.

Logan said he has just identified all the dead on Monday and is working to notify his relatives. The names have not been published.

Authorities say it took eight hours to quell the riots and secure the prison. No employee was injured.

7:00 am

A spokesman for South Carolina prisons says seven inmates are dead and another 17 required medical attention after hours of fighting inside a maximum security prison. [19659002] Prison spokesman Jeff Taillon announced the sad result after officers from the State Division of Law Enforcement helped secure the Lee Correctional Institution around 3 am Monday.

Taillon said there were no officers injured after multiple bouts erupted at 7:15 p.m. Sunday.

The Lee County Fire / Rescue Service said ambulances from at least seven jurisdictions lined up outside the prison to care for the injured. The local forensic office also responded.

The maximum security facility in Bishopville is home to some 1,500 inmates, some of South Carolina's most violent and longest-serving criminals. Two officers were stabbed in a 2015 fight. One inmate killed another in February


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