The latest patch of Cyberpunk 2077 reportedly added a game-breaking bug

Takemura in cyberpunk 2077

Screenshot: CD Project Red / Kotaku

Last night, CD Projekt Red dropped the first major update for it Troubled World-Shooter, Cyberpunk 2077. “Major” is a relative term. Is greater than Last updateTomorrow Patch 1.1 Focuses more on stability fixes rather than wide overhauls. In fact, it would have made the game even worse – by introducing a potential game-breaking bug.

Patch 1.1 addresses an issue in mission “Down on the Street” where Takura will not make calls, preventing any progress in the mission. He will call now obviously, But will not say a word then. some Users Say This is not corrected by reloading old savings or creating new save files.

There is at least one Clear solution. First, try calling Judy before this Takura calls out. When he does, hang the line, then tackle a side job. (The player reporting this workaround dealt with a Daleman side-quest.) Wait in the 24-hour game and should call Takemura – along with dialogue and everything – to help you progress to “Down on the Street” allows for.

Kotku CD Projekt has reached Red for comment.

I am playing Cyberpunk 2077 On an Xbox Series X, where it performs better than This appears to be On a last-gen console, but not, as one of my roommates likes to remind me again and again, as well as it does on her high-end rig. Nevertheless, I have run into some bugs since day one. Typically, they are garden-variety hiccups: NPCs float in the air in ways they shouldn’t, or refuse to reload the weapon, even if I’ve tapped eighteen times like “X”, . Small Potatoes.

Bug in cyberpunk 2077 patch 1.1

I hope the funny insects (see above) never go away.
Screenshot: CD Project Red / Kotaku

The bug that turned me into a game popped up during the “Stadium Love” side-quest, in which you meet up with a group of veterans, throwing back bad vodka shots like you’re at a bad frat party ( “What is it), rubbing alcohol?” V asks), and then engage in a shooting competition. In one attempt, I could not take out my gun — a very quick DQ in a shoot-off. In the second one, I was, but all the giants around me would whip themselves and then start firing at me. He also sucked. I decided to shelter the game until it was in better condition.

“Stadium Love” is not listed among the dozen or so quests that were addressed yesterday1.1 patch. Against my better judgment, after downloading the 16.5 GB (!!!) update, I tried searching again. I was able to wield my gun without any issues. I am still shot. Therefore, is not correct.

CDPR says yesterday’s update addresses a problem with the search for “M’ap Tann Pèlen”, where players can run across a street trying to talk to the character Mr. Hands on the phone. I had no issue to do this today, but did not try this search before downloading the 1.1 patch. Who knows if I would hit a snag, three weeks ago.

In general, after spending some time with the game last night, I can say that it feels largely the same as I did before putting it on. They may be seeing more benefits on last-gen consoles. At this time, social media seems to be loud with news outlets that the patch does not exist or that players are pointing out how thin the notes are. CDPR it is said This patch focuses on “various stability improvements and bug fixes” and “does the groundwork for upcoming patches.” Due next in February, per a statement From December

Ten days ago, CDPR released a video stating that the January big update would release within the next ten days. yesterdayThe 1.1 patch, in the most technical sense, hits that mark. These are actually updates that actually address some issues with the game. Also landed 5:00 pm ET on Friday (10:00 pm). Make of that what you will.

is Cyberpunk 2077 “Good” Now, the way No Man’s Sky made its way to greatness? no not till now. But this is a small step in the right direction. I look forward to seeing what lies ahead.

Cyberpunk 2077 Is in a cyberbunk


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