The latest in accusations against Deshaun Watson

As of March 18, Houston-based attorney Tony Buzbee had filed three lawsuits against the Texans quarterback. Deshaun watson on behalf of three masseurs who allege inappropriate conduct and sexual assault. Now, Buzbee has filed a total of seven lawsuits and, as’s Sarah Barshop writes, at least five more will be on the way.

No criminal charges or complaints have been filed against Watson, but according to Barshop, Buzbee is pushing to change that. The attorney plans to present affidavits and evidence regarding the alleged misconduct to the Houston Police Department and the Houston District Attorney Monday morning, and will also request that a grand jury consider the evidence.

Obviously, that is part of Buzbee’s effort to increase his influence on his civil lawsuits, and the fact that he presents affidavits and evidence to the district attorney’s office does not mean that the prosecutor believes those materials represent probable cause to initiate. a criminal process. Still, it is clear that this matter is not going away, and Watson’s attorney, Rusty Hardin, says he will receive an answer.

“I am very proud to represent Deshaun Watson and fully support him against what we believe are meritless accusations.” Hardin said. “However, we will wait to comment in detail until we have completed our review of Mr. Buzbee’s many and changing allegations. We will respond next week and ask you to keep an open mind until we do. ” (Twitter Link via FOX 26’s Mark Berman).

Until the lawsuits were filed, Watson had made headlines for soccer-related reasons. He and the Texans were playing a chicken game over the three-time Pro Bowler trade lawsuit, and as of March 19, even after the seventh lawsuit, Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle reported that several clubs were still interested in performing. a trade for Watson. . That includes the Eagles, whose interest has not previously been reported.

“We need to know more data before making a firm decision on an operation, but yes, we are still interested. said an NFL executive. “How could he not be interested in Deshaun Watson possibly being his quarterback? The guy is an incredible talent. “

Said another executive, “[w]What has been accused of Deshaun Watson obviously does not coincide at all with what we have heard and know about him as a great person, but these serious accusations cannot be ignored. What that means is making sure you’re doing your homework and making sure you have all the facts before you get heavily involved in business negotiations. There’s the NFL investigation, the court stuff, and you have to let it all unfold and make an informed decision. Yes, we are still very interested in Deshaun Watson. What he’s done on the field marks all the boxes for quarterback play. “

If these allegations are not resolved in Watson’s favor in short order, you can expect the concerned teams to stop pursuing the Texans interlocutor.

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