The latest Google search updates provide more content to featured snippets and the knowledge information panel

Google has announced three new search updates on featured snippets, knowledge panel information, and suggestions for related topics.

According to a post on Google's The Keyword blog, a selection of featured snippets will now include more images and related search suggestions. inside the box that shows the content of the highlighted fragment.

The information shown in the Knowledge Panel to include related content is also being expanded.

"For example, while looking at the Ski Knowledge Panel, you will see related searches for sports such as snowboarding directly within the result," writes Google product manager, Michael Galvez.

Google says that the expansion of related topics has not only been updated in the knowledge panel information, but also at the top of the search results. 19659002] Using an example of searches by the famous soccer players Neymar and Messi, Google says search engines will see suggestions for related topics, "… discover and other athletes during their search session"

In addition to these confirmed updates , it seems that Google is also testing a new feature that shows a carousel with a list of answers directly within the snippet of search results, as we reported today.

"Searching not only consists in answering your questions, but also in discovering," writes Galvez, who continues to say that the updates are intended to help searches to further explore the issues they are investigating.

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