The latest Google Assistant games are designed for your smart display

We knew something was coming. In June, Google released a handful of developer tools, which meant making Google Assistant more efficient. As part of that update, it announced Continuous Match Mode, which allows an instrument’s mic to be temporarily open instead of listening only after the assistant has spoken. Google said that would allow for back-to-back interactions with the assistant and would allow for some fun interactions.

At that time, we came to know that Coolgames, a web game maker, was using the Continuous Match feature to create a new one. Seems drawing Activity. The game appears on Google Smart Display today. You can guess what is being drawn to the screen as soon as possible, and you will be able to do real-time combat with other players or just challenge yourself.

As Google makes it easy for developers to work with assistants and everyone discovers new home-based activities, the company says this is just the beginning. We can expect new titles throughout the year.

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