The latest Android update breaks an important Google Maps feature

Android 11 is now officially available for the first wave of devices, including phones from the Google Pixel series and some other brands, but unfortunately, the new operating system installs come across a few different issues that break key features They are the most used apps.

One of them is Google Maps, which has lost support for photo uploads.

This means that Google Maps Local Guides can no longer upload images for the service, regardless of their location, as the only thing they find when trying to browse for images on their devices is the “No Gallery app available “Error.

This issue appears to have been shown after the update to Android 11, so the problem is mostly occurring on Google Pixel phones that are already running the latest operating system version.

After the update I could no longer add the pictures I took to Google Maps with the system camera. The only photos allowed were taken in Google Maps. When I tried to press the ‘Folders’ button, ‘No Gallery App Available’ was displayed. When I press the camera button, the camera will open. Poking 3 dots in the lower right corner to open the system camera will cause an error [..] There is no camera app available,“A user states on Google’s forums.

While Google is yet to acknowledge the problem and provide a solution, someone on the forums has discovered a workaround.

What you need to do is for a separate image viewer and use the share feature to upload photos to Google Maps. In their case, the apps that worked with this method were Quick Pick, and after selecting photos and hitting the share option, they could simply choose Google Maps and choose a correct location.

At this point, it seems that the problem has also been experienced on the latest Google Maps version for Android.