The last thing: the Pope will meet the religious leaders of Myanmar


YANGON, Myanmar – The Last Trip of Pope Francis to Myanmar and Bangladesh (all Locals):

10 am

Pope Francis will meet with the leaders of the different religious communities of Myanmar at the residence of the Catholic Archbishop in Yangon.

Arrived in the country on Monday is scheduled to meet separately on Tuesday with the country's leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, in the capital.

Myanmar is predominantly Buddhist with small Muslim, Hindu and Christian populations.

The most revered and prominent Buddhist leader in the country, Sitagu, not among the religious leaders who expected to meet with the Pope on Tuesday, although the monk met with Francisco's predecessor, Pope Benedict XVI.

Sitagu has been criticized for using ethnic slurs against Muslims, particularly the Rohingy, who are denied citizenship in Myanmar and the target of a much-criticized military campaign.

Earlier this year, Sitagu received the title & # 39; Honorable, Excellent, and Grand Master of Country & State & # 39; by the country's civilian leader Aung San Suu Kyi.

9 am

Pope Francis begins his first full day in Myanmar by traveling to the capital of the country to meet with the civilian leader, Nobel laureate Aung San Suu Kyi, a day after hosting the general military in charge of the repression against the Rohingya Muslim minority in the country.

Francis's speech on Tuesday to Suu Kyi, other Myanmar authorities and the diplomatic corps in Naypyitaw is the most anticipated of his visit, given the protest over the repression, that EE. UU and the UN have described it as a campaign of "ethnic cleansing" to expel the Rohingya.

Myanmar's Catholic leaders have stressed that Suu Kyi has no voice to speak against the military, and they have asked for support for him. efforts to move Myanmar towards a more democratic future that includes all its religious minorities, including Christians.

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