The last thing: Italy summons the French ambassador in the migratory dispute

CATANIA, Sicily – The latest in the flow of immigrants to Europe (all local times): [19659006] 9:25 am

Italy called the French ambbadador for consultations after the French president, Emmanuel Macron, criticize what he described as cynicism and irresponsibility of Italy when rejecting an immigrant rescue ship with more than 600 people on board.

A statement from the Foreign Ministry said the ambbadador had been summoned on Wednesday morning "after the statements in Paris yesterday on Aquarius."

Macron's office said on Tuesday that France does not want to "set a precedent" that would allow some European countries to violate international laws and rely on other EU member states to receive immigrants.

Spain agreed to accept the Aquarium in its port of Valencia.


9:15 a.m.

An Italian coastguard vessel docked in Sicily with more than 900 immigrants on board, evidence that Italy's new anti-immigrant government continues to host some asylum seekers but forces the rest of Europe to accept others.

The crew of the Diciotti began disembarking pbadengers at the Port of Catania early on Wednesday. At the same time, the ship Aquarius from the SOS Mediterranee relief group continued its one-day trip to western Spain, where it was diverted after Italy and Malta rejected it.

The fate of the two ships evidences the change of policy on the part of Italy's new populist government: it refuses entry to rescue ships of European flag aid groups, but allows Italian maritime ships in its ports.

The change has increased tensions in Europe, with France accusing Italy of "cynical" and irresponsible behavior. 19659017] Copyright 2018 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material can not be published, transmitted, rewritten or redistributed.


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