The last SpaceX launch of the year will promote a spy satellite on Friday

SpaceX sent in 2020 Astronauts going into orbit for the first time And saw Explosive debut of its latest starship prototype. But it still plans to launch another to be wrapped up by 2020.

A Falcon 9 rocket is set to send a new spy satellite into space from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida to the US National Reconnaissance Office on Friday morning. Initially it was started on Thursday morning, but after a day some irregular pressure readings triggered auto-abortion.

The classified National Security Mission is designated NROL-108 and will be the sixth launch of 2020 for the NRO.

Like most other NRO launches, this one has a somewhat cryptic poster and slogan, as the cartoon gorilla with its chest and the phrase “peace through strength.”

The NRO reported on Twitter, “Gorillas are peaceful animals, but can be fierce when necessary.” “Like gorillas, our # NROL108 The mission is constantly alert and ready to defend itself. ”

a Recent NRO Mission, On 13 November at a joint launch Alliance Atlas V rocket, featured a mysterious Lord of the Rings theme, including some Elvish scripts.

An NRO spokesman later told me via email, “I think we have some fans of Lord of the Rings.”

Weather forecasts are favorable for explosions during a three-hour launch window between 6 am and 9 pm PT (9 am to noon ET) on Friday. The first-stage booster of Falcon 9 will attempt to build a landing ashore at the Cape Canaveral Space Force Station.

SpaceX will livestream the launch and you can watch it above.

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