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The last monstrosity of Starbucks is a Christmas tree in a cup

You can drink unicorns and mermaids and now you can sip your Christmas tree.

The last frozen Starbucks drink is extra festive, extracted from the flavors of Yuletide.

The Seattle-based company launched the Christmas Tree Frappuccino, a mixed drink of mocha and mint "topped with a festive tree." The cover is made of infused matcha whipped cream, a caramelized drizzle and candied cranberries.

And if that was not enough calories, the drink includes a strawberry tree "Topper".

With a consumption of 490 calories and 68 grams of sugar for a Venti, it is not the worst option that Starbucks has to offer; Another seasonal drink, the Eggnog latte, is a whopping 630 calories for a Venti.

Frappuccino Christmas Tree is available for a limited time, from December 7 to December 11 at participating locations.

Earlier this year, the coffee chain had the world at a high sugar level, and it almost drove the baristas crazy, for their Unicorn Frappuccino, a drink that changes from purple to pink with the twist of a straw .

Before the frenzy of the unicorn drink, The Starbucks fashion drink was Pink and Purple, a tie-dye gift from its "secret menu."

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