The largest county in Arizona is unable to determine any other vaccine dose

PHOENIX – Maricopa County Public Health sent a serious tweet on Thursday afternoon, suggesting that Pfizer receiving the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine at one of its five POD sites, not able to receive its second dose on time Can be Even in one place.

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The tweet states that they will notify individuals when supplies are available, but also suggested that those looking for a second dose start looking elsewhere for an appointment.

This shocked us, as we are sure it does many of you, so we reached out to the county officials for clarity.

Here is the statement Maricopa County Health has about our questions:

Maricopa County is opening more vacancies and vaccine opportunities as soon as the vaccine becomes available. Maricopa County is working with our health system partners, retail pharmacies and other vaccinators to establish vaccination events and provide a second dose to individuals who cannot receive their second dose in POD. Once more vaccines are available, we will be able to make more appointments in addition to being offered elsewhere in the community. Those who have received their first dose when a vaccine is available to schedule their second dose will receive notification. If you were vaccinated as part of Phase 1A or 1B at a Maricopa County Regional POD site (not State Farm Stadium) and need to schedule your second dose, but have not yet been contacted, please visit Fill in the form. We are actively working with partners to expand second dose vaccination opportunities as more vaccines are available. Note: If you were vaccinated at State Farm Stadium, see the AZDHS website for their notification process regarding second dose appointments.

While it is recommended that you have a second dose where you have received your first, we know that appointments on these sites are limited or else it can be difficult. The most important is to prescribe your second dose at a location that offers the same manufacturer of vaccine as your first dose. [All of the county regional PODs and 24/7 ADHS State Farm POD use Pfizer vaccine]. At your first dose appointment, you should receive a vaccine card that tells you what type of vaccine you have received and what date it was administered. Depending on the type of vaccine, you will need a second dose 21 days (Pfizer) to 28 days (Moderna). Your second dose should be of the same vaccine.

According to the CDC / ACIP guidance, there is no maximum interval between the first and second doses for the vaccine. It is recommended that you receive a second dose of vaccine after 21 days (Pfizer) from your first dose to 28 days (Modern). However, due to vaccine supply and demand for first dose appointments, we know that this may not always be possible. It is important to get a second dose to get the full protective benefits of the vaccine, so schedule it as soon as you are able. Check the scheduling availability on our Vaccine Locations page or use the ADHS Vaccine Finder.

We have information for people who have received their vaccines on Maricopa County POD sites. Maricopa County is communicating with the state (registration system) and we will reach people who have not determined their 2N d Doses are available in the form of a vaccine.


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