The Knicks’ starting lineup includes Mitchell Robinson, Elfried Payton

Nike rookie point guard Emmanuel Quickley will not start the season on Wednesday night against the Pacers – but Mitchell Robinson

Quickley, who became a Presidential revelation and started at point guard in the Precision Finale, was set to come off the bench as head coach Tom Thibodo flirted with veteran point guard Elfried Payton.

Thibodo said Quickley would still be in his 10-man rotation, indicating he could finish the game. The former Kentucky stud added lightning and outside shooting, the latter being a major weakness of Patton.

“I think it’s a compilation of things,” Thibodo said when asked why Peyton would start. “This is how things are in practice, games, groups play with each other. And starting has never been as important as finishing for me. We are looking at different combinations, people who are playing well, doing well, they will be the same people who are out.

“We have young people who will continue to improve. We have the right giants around them who can help teach the trade tricks to the youth. So we are counting on everyone. ”

The only minor surprise with his other beginners was Reggie Bullock getting a call on Alec Burke at Shooting Guard. Burke lost the final two games for personal reasons as his wife gave birth.

Thibodo says Bullock initially gives the club a little more 3-point shooting, but the coaching staff has fallen to Berks, their top free-agent signing.

“I like both people and both have strengths that compliment each group,” Thibodo said. “And I’m not sure if we’ll flip it again. But both guys are very effective with the start and both guys are very effective with the bench. They both have a strong defensive presence. I think a lot from Alec Dribble Nice and has playmaking capabilities. So I think it’s a good complement to that group. But we’re still sorting through it. Definitely Reggie gives us the kind of shooting that gives us the floor and the awesome There is a need to open the defense. “

Robinson excelled in starting the last two presiden games over Nerlens Noel, who was saddled with a knee injury. Robinson came on strong and did not register a foul in the preteen finale.


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