The Knicks made the right call while not chasing Carmelo Anthony

If you were to place a wager during an epidemic, who would be the player on the Knicks’ roster for 2020-21, Elfried Payton or Carmelo Anthony, the youngest drama former Syracuse star.

But Peyton came on a call from Portsland on Sunday after the Knicks were talking about their matchup against the Blazers’ superstar, Damien Lillard, at ShootAuraz – still Anthony’s teammate.

Peyton has stabilized the point guard position during the Knicks’ 8-9 start. Anthony opted for the NBA veteran to re-sign with the Blazers for $ 2.6 million. The Blazers desperately need Anthony, with stud CJ McCallum and Jusuf Nurkic out for an extended period.

Would Nitsa have made a tough game on Anthony, given that they were stuck with a salary-cap spot of $ 18 million?

A case can be made, yes, due to their lack of offensive talent – 30th in the league with an average of 7.1% points.

On the other hand, the case is strong, with Knicks president Leon Rose rightly calling his former client not to go all-in in November. The Post reports Rose’s dream pairing after adding Chris Paul and his friend Anthony.

Anthony, at the age of 36, still attracts attention. His presence could be disruptive if things did not go his way in terms of timing and touching the ball. More than this point, the Knicks have established an identity as a gritty, defensive-first backcube. It is not Anthony’s calling card.

Was Julius Randall this blustery season with Anthony, who leads both Small and Power on the roster? Probably right there. Randall needs the ball, it is mostly on the property. For his career, Anthony did a lot.

Playing a lesser role in a winning Portland event that included Lillard and McCallum is an easier proposition than Anthony to make his role with an uninstalled cast of Nitsa that reduced the 2020–21 campaign. Must have started.

Randall probably wasn’t confident of making himself the team’s alpha male with Anthony in the starting lineup.

Carmelo Anthony
Carmelo Anthony
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In addition, RJ Barrett has been moved from Barrett into a small forward role with Reggie Bull in starting shooting guard to deliver low ballhandling duty. Anthony’s appearance removed the bull and gave Barrett the role of shooting guard.

The bull, which does not need a rock, has started all sports when healthy – 15 of the first 18. He was to miss Sunday’s game with a sore throat. By the time the bull was available, coach Tom Thibodo stuck with the same starting unit.

“I think we’ve got a great balance,” Patton said Sunday. “Everyone gives each other space to do what they do well. And people are, RJ is a really good groove, he is playing really well. Julius has been doing this all year. ”

Barrett, despite his 3-point shooting woes, is a tireless bull with a motor that does not leave. He may also have been killed in an offense in which Anthony wants him to shoot more than he can make the ball.

Barrett grapples with Anthony prior to his rookie season at the pick game in Columbia. Anthony could have served as a formidable patron but you never know how he would have played.

Remember that his former Denver teammate Chauncey Billups accused Anthony that he cared more about his stats than winning.

“It meant a lot because he could have 20, 22 games [points], We win this game and he goes crazy. ‘

As the Bulls’ coach, Thibodo followed Anthony when he was a free agent in 2014 and worked with him on Team USA.

“He had an incredible career — an all-time great,” Thibodo said before the game. “The fact that he is still speaking for who he is. A high-character man, represents himself well. He has accomplished a lot.”

In the first days of training camp, Anthony stated that the stars were not aligned for a Nax rein.

“At this point, it really wasn’t much [of consideration], ” Anthony said. “The Knicks were playing tricks and trying to figure out the direction they wanted to go in. I’m sure they have a plan. I don’t think I tried to get in and mess up their plans in any way. It was good for the party.

“They are rebuilding and finding out what they have in the near future. This is what I personally wanted to be a part of a situation in which I was already comfortable. I felt it was the right fit at the moment where I am in this special year. ”

In his second season with the Blazers, Anthony is averaging 12.2 points, shooting 40.5 percent – 45 to 3. He averaged just 1.2 assists in 25 minutes.

As Jeff Van Gundy said, Nax is not going “anywhere” until they improve “offensive talent”.

With a new order from Randall and Barrett, it’s probably not crazy to add Anthony to the trade deadline. Of course, the Blazers, who take pride in reviving Anthony’s career last season, won’t be keen until current injuries torpedo their season until the late March trade deadline.

Portland signed Anthony to a one-year deal with the Eyes in a deep playoff race. The Knicks are trying to avoid another lottery. He wants to join the playoff race for the first time since the 2013–14 season, when he was in it for the last few days.

With essentially 10 teams qualifying, – 7-10 seeds close in on a play-in event – the Knicks can sneak in. She was eighth in Sunday’s action.

The smart move was the announcement of making a big play for Anthony in November. But do not rule anything in future.


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