The Knicks gave Tom Thibodo the perfect birthday present –

The Knicks gave Tom Thibodo the perfect birthday present

It was the perfect birthday gift for Tom Thibodo.

Thibodo is a proud New Englander, born in New Britain, Conn., A die-hard Patriots fan who began his childhood for the Knights before moving to Green in his early teens.

When he turned 63, Thibodo did not receive a big Tom Brady birthday cake, but celebrated Sunday afternoon, 105–75, to destroy Celtic after his return to New England.

This 30-point Boston matinee massacre ended his club’s five-game streak as his Knicks threw a perfect game at the Celtics in the fan-free TD Garden.

The Forever Intense First Year Nax Head Coach flashed a smile on Zoom in a postgame interview.

“You know I’m never happy,” said Thibodo – with a grin. “I’m not happy, as long as I’m not sad.”

It was an exciting afternoon in Beantown – the best ever for his short stint. The last time the Knicks beat at least 30 points in Boston was 1997 and Thibs was a young Knicks assistant.

“I actually grew up a naughty fan – my dad was a teeny fan,” Thibodo said. “When I went to school in Boston [Salem State], It was the mid-’80s so I became a Celtic fan. The irony of it all is that I am working for both teams. If you grow up in Connecticut, it is no better than that. Thrilled to be a part of two-story organizations. “

It’s true, Eastern Conference chief Celtics were missing superstar Jason Tatum and postponed three games due to COVID-19 last week.

But the Celtics still took the Knicks lightly and they paid off. more time. He played as if he had in mind whether Brady, still a New England obsession, would get Tampa Bay into the NFC Championship game on Sunday.

Nax did not play badly in Cleveland in his heartbeat on Friday and took out his frustrations on the Celtics.

“I told my players: The way they are practicing, the approach, the approach and how they are practicing has been a positive one,” Thibodo said. “I thought I was going to Cleveland, I thought we were ready to play. I thought we were very good at shooting and we played well enough to win [Friday] On the road. We didn’t close the game the way we would have liked. Again [Saturday] In practice, I thought it was very good. As long as we are doing the right things. I know we will improve and we will keep getting better. “

Sunday sees Thom Thibodo defeating Ketics.
Sunday sees Thom Thibodo defeating Ketics.
NBAE via Getty Image

Promising one day for the Knicks (6-8), it is just as good for the Brooklyn Dream team. If the Celtics are their biggest road block in the NBA Finals, you can book a trip to Kevin Durant and James Harden to Los Angeles this summer.

The Knights veteran and his two crooks, point guard Emmanuel Quickley and forward Obi Toppin, played in their first-round stock, scoring 29 points in 12 of 20 shooting.

“If we keep playing like today, we’re going to win a lot of games,” said Toppin, who ultimately looked like a lottery pick in scoring 12 points and hitting 2 with 4 3-pinters.

Thibodo’s club upset the Sonnambulant Celtics from the 3-point line in their worst history – one of 46 in 7 (15.2 percent). The Celtics could not hit the water if they spilled tea in Boston Harbor.

“Defense leads to offense,” said Knicks center Mitchell Robinson, who grew up despite being fond. “The communication was there.”

Robinson entered the competition with a high heels, then played a bad game in the first half after stopping a 3 point shot. He hurt his knee but limped through the day on a football Sunday like the Pigskin Warrior, still an active dunk machine.

Meanwhile, Quickly delivers his usual flick and hurries the frustrated Toppin with the glee-gully omission.

Thibodo has fielded to keep Quickley off the bench and to keep Elfried Patton as the starter. He was rewarded. There is a lot of time to change. Once he does, he cannot go back, or he is David Fizdale.

Later, Thibodo addressed the queer issue that has gripped social media enthusiasts. The first is used to set a tone to protect the Peptons, Thibodo said, and the Knicks broke the Celtics from the opening taps. The Knicks coach said he would like to see Peyton-Quickley as a pair on the road.

“I love both people – they are different and bring different things to the team,” Thibodo said. “It gives us great flexibility. Elfried, when you look at his defense and size, points to a lot of these guards, especially today’s guards in the NBA, they are a load to deal with. Elfried has a good understanding of how to defend them. He can make games for us. And when Quickly arrives, she gives us a different look. “

Of course, it is easy to win in the rowdy crowd of this famous hall minus Boston. TD Garden is the tallest building in the Eastern Conference. The Knicks made it quiet like Sunday Church.

Now it goes from the birthday of Thibodo in Boston to the celebration of Martin Luther King Day in the Garden. The Knights will hold more prominence on the court on Sunday as the Knights triumph against MLK Day against Orlando.


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