The king, the widow and Rick


Rick's trip continues along the way. Take a note out of a microwave that is sitting in a wheelbarrow.

In Alexandria, Carl opens the doors for the army to return.

Daryl goes down the road on his bicycle.

Nabila and the Kingdom decorate a monument for the fallen. Carol looks at them and prepares their weapons at the same time. Two residents present Rick's notes.

Michonne is given the same grade.

"The plan is working, we are doing this, we are winning, we had a hard fight, we lost people, brave people who gave their lives to make sure that we won." When he finished, there were no saviors left.

Maggie receives the same note from Aaron.

Carol and Rick read Maggie's notes informing them that they have the saviors as prisoners on the hill.

Maggie and Rick read Carol's note about the ambush of the Kingdom and she , Jerry and Ezekiel being the only survivors.

Rick's note pushes everyone to continue, citing Sasha as the first, with more sacrifices later. "The rest of the plan is still ready, I'm heading there now," he said. "The Sanctuary is still surrounded …" They have snipers planted in the Sanctuary. [19659002] "We met at Sanctuary in two days to finalize this," Rick said. "To win everything. It's not like we have not fought before. We fight every step of the way. "

Jadis sits with an apron, creating a cable cat, and suddenly he hears someone knocking on the door of a container Two scavengers open the doors

The Walking Dead plays opening credits

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Jesus delivers food to the rescuers Maggie breaks in and orders him to stop giving Hilltop's food Gregory suggests killing but Maggie orders him to leave. Maggie is frustrated with Jesus for creating this situation, and is surprised that she considers killing these men.

In the Kingdom, Carol pbades Jerry and King Ezekiel, knocks on the door and tells her to kill him. They promised Rick that they would meet, Carol runs away and Benjamin's little brother tries to follow her but she rejects him.

In the trash heap, Rick is escorted to the center of his ring, Jadis, now dressed, approaches him. "I shot you," she says.

"Graz e d, "he corrects her.

He tells her that he is here because of what he wanted before. "We need you and you need us," Rick said. She suspects that he cheated on them. He says that they no longer need the Scavengers to save them. It shows photos of the outposts that have been destroyed before handing the photos to Jadis. He is offering Jadis a better deal, promising that his people will win, and inviting him to "the next world" that the communities will build together.

"Yes or no?" he asks.

"No," said Jadis. Rick is escorted away. "He talks too much," he adds.

Slide 2/5 – Continued

Maggie and Gregory talk in Gregory's office. He insists, once again, that what he did with Negan was in the best interest of the community. Maggie accuses him of being afraid. "My motives were pure," he promises. "I've sat in that chair, I can help, I'm already in the room."

He does not care, but he tells him that he needs someone to tell him to follow his instincts. "You are the shephard," he said. "You can not have wolves wandering among the sheep"

In Alexandria, Rosita and Michonne break the rules of Rick's plan and go on a trip together.

Meanwhile, Daryl and Tara talk on their porch. She tells Daryl that she was right not to kill Dwight because he has been integral to getting this far. In the end, however, she will kill him for what he did to Denise. Daryl says: "Maybe it could be you and me both and we do not have to wait that long".

At night, Jesus looks at the hill from outside the walls with the saviors. Hey Walker in the woods. The Savior from the satellite outpost continues talking, frustrating Jesus. He answers for himself and explains why he was part of the saviors. It all started with the placement of a fence. Jesus interrupts him. "Do not pretend that any of us is innocent," he said.

"Jesus, I am not an angel," the Savior tells him. "There's no such thing".

Slide 3/5 – Continue

Michonne and Rosita continue their journey. Rosita is driving. Michonne is asked why he had to come here. "By the time they got to the Sanctuary and I was not with them, it's as if this siren had been playing in my head," Michonne said. "I helped this begin … It's been a day and a half and I've felt every second, so I just need to see it." I turn the alarm off in my head, turn around and go back home.

Suddenly, Michonne orders Rosita to stop the car. He hears something in the distance that sounds like loud music. They travel through the forest to discover and discover an abandoned building as a source.

In the forest, a walker is stuck in a spike looking for a plastic bag. Carl is coming. However, he sees a man hit him so that he can be put aside. It's the man at the gas station at the premiere of season 8. Carl insists that his father was not shooting him and shows up.

Man reveals his name: Siddiq.

Carl brought food and water for man. He says that his mother always told him to do the right thing, and that is what he is doing. Siddiq grabs the bag and drinks. Carl reveals that he had been looking for him and that he comes from a community. He asks the man some questions.

"How many walkers has he killed?"

"237. Give or take a pair."

"How many people have you killed?"



"Dead tried to kill him but they did not."

Carl asks about the traps of walkers. "It's just a part," said Siddiq. "My mother thought, or hoped, that killing them would free their souls." Maybe she was right. Carl thinks that would make things more difficult. "You have to honor your parents, right?" the man said.

"If I was not honoring my father, we would not be talking right now," Carl said. "And I definitely would not bring you back to my community."

In the woods, in another place, Benjamin's younger brother tries to take walkers but Carol knocks them down. She scolds him for following me. He insists that he is a fighter and wants revenge on the guys who killed his brother. Carol removes the stick and gives her her weapon. He insists that he knows how to use it and tells him to keep it safe until she says otherwise.

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Enid leaves the hill and tells Jesus that Maggie ordered the saviors to enter. They have built a waiting area to keep them. "We will keep the prisoners here," Maggie said. "We will feed them, we will not mistreat them." However, they will accept nothing less than cooperation.

Gregory says they should not have people at The Hilltop who they can not trust. She agrees with him, which leads Eduardo and Cal to put him in the same prison. Aaron, Enid and Jesus observe. Jared walks to the exit but Maggie hits him. He talks about making people kill, so she hits him with his rifle again.

In the forest, Carl accompanies Siddiq to Alexandria. They meet some walkers eating a horse and move to leave them. They quickly surround themselves and lose control of the fight until Carl uses his weapon to shoot them down. Siddiq is grateful, but says that Carl could have left. Carl insists that sometimes children have to show their parents the way.

Elsewhere, Michonne and Rosita explore a warehouse set up as a grocery store. Inside, people talk about Negan and the "fat woman," which sounds like a plan for Negan and the saviors. The two Saviors are standing near a truck with huge speakers loaded on top.

Michonne accidentally kicks a tennis ball in his direction, gaining his attention. They shoot Rosita who flees but throws her gun in the process. The man approaches, whistling, while Rosita searches for weapons boxes but finds a hot glue gun.

Michonne's gun is knocked down and he gets into a fight with the saving woman. She orders Theo to run to the Sanctuary and let her fight. Michonne is losing the fight as she is not fully recovered. Rosita catches Theo with a rocket launcher pointing towards him. He insists that she will not use it, but she takes it away.

However, the woman runs out of the truck. While they escaped, Daryl and Tara intercepted her with a garbage truck. They knock it down quickly.

Michonne and Rosita tell them that they want to see the Sanctuary. Daryl and Tara claim that they have much more work to do.

Slide 5/5 – Continue

Carol approaches Jerry and orders him aside. Aim with a shotgun, but Jerry tells him that the doors are not closed.

Inside, Carol greets Ezequiel on stage. He is sitting in front of his chair with the chain of Shiva, feeling sorry for himself. "The people there need you," said Carol.

"Who would choose for them?" Ezequiel asks.

"You are their king," said Carol.

Ezekiel, however, insists that he was only playing a role. He knew and, nonetheless, he smiled. He asks to be left alone, which causes Carol to leave, only to return and ask why he kept coming to visit her. "It was my duty," he said. "To make sure you were okay." Carol asks for the real reason.

"You just make me feel real," Ezekiel said. "No fiction. Real."

"You're real," Carol said. "For me, for the Kingdom, those people need their king to lead them"

"You can guide them," he said.

"You have to be you," he insists. "You inspired them to build this place, to believe in something, you have to help them to grieve, to move on, to end this, you owe that to them, Henry needs you, those people need King Ezequiel, and if you can not, be the king. Do what you do best and play the role I have to act every day I used to be upset, but this is what I am and I'm still standing, you just have to act as if everything was normal until it is.

"I can not," says Ezekiel.

Back on the hill, Jared is working to break free from the ropes in prison. The friendly Salvador takes the stone from his hand and insists that he will not let them kill them all. Gregory is listening.

In the office, Aaron talks about the loss of Eric and the weight he is carrying as a result. Maggie is holding the baby Gracie. She says the feeling does not go away, but it helps to do something about it. Jesus enters and thanks Maggie for doing the right thing. Maggie says those people could be exchange currencies. "They are alive because we may need them," Maggie said. "Jesus, if we do not do it, we can not let them live."

Aaron leaves the room. Outside, he packs a car. Enid rushes towards him. He says he will make sure they win and she wants to go with him. "Take your stuff and some food," Aaron said. "We could have left for a while."

Elsewhere, Daryl parks his truck and shows Michonne the invaded Sanctuary. Daryl turns on the truck and promises that they will end this at this time.

In the pile, Jadis marks the container in which Rick has been locked with an A. He takes off his clothes and sweats her.

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