The Justice Department is eyeing a change in Roger Stone’s sentence

The IG initially became interested in the case after four prosecutors resigned over it in protest against the intervention of Attorney General William Barr. Stone was eventually sentenced to 40 months in prison, and President Donald Trump later fully sentenced.

“We welcome the review,” Justice Department spokesman Kerry Kupc said on Monday.

IG office spokesmen would not confirm or deny the investigation.

NBC News gave the first investigative report on Monday.

It is unclear what effect any investigation by Inspector General Michael Horowitz might have on the Justice Department or on the current state of politics – repeated assaults by the president for praising Stone and attacking investigators as part of his reunion campaign to do. The scope of independent watchdogs to conduct fact-finding and recommendations is relatively limited, and reports from the IG’s office often take months if not years to produce.

Career prosecutors with the Justice Department in Washington originally recommended a stricter punishment for Stone for lying, obstructing, and threatening a witness to Congress. But Brar stepped in, talking about requesting his punishment from the Department of Justice after criticizing the recommendation in a tweet from the president.

Four prosecutors of the case resigned before sentencing and since then, two have stated publicly – in the Washington Post column and in congressional testimony – that they believed Brar to protect a friend of the president Were outlining the law.
The incident has long drawn scrutiny about Barr’s political influence on matters of presidential interest. Stone’s prosecutors proved his case that Stone lied to Congress about his efforts to contact WikiLeaks in 2016 to protect the president.
Since then, the Justice Department and Senate Intelligence Committee have made public investigators’ findings that Trump may have been aware of Stone’s efforts and the campaign encouraged Stone to steal emails that would have led Trump to win the 2016 election Can help

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