The judges reject the Republican Party's request to block the new boundaries of the Pa district.

A panel of federal judges in Pennsylvania refused on Monday to block the entry into force of the new maps of the state's Supreme Court Congress, striking a blow at Republicans who had tried to prevent the new lines from entering in force.

Pennsylvania's top Republican officials had joined the Republican members of the state congressional delegation to challenge the new map, which was drafted by the state Supreme Court after nullifying the old maps as unconstitutional. The state court had given the state legislature and the governor a short period to agree on a new plan, but the parties could not reach a compromise.

The new lines have been seen as a blessing for the Democrats, who will benefit electorally from the new lines.

The Republicans had tried to prevent the new map from coming into force, arguing that the state Supreme Court had no right to intervene and draw the lines. But a panel of judges in the US District Court. UU For the Middle District of Pennsylvania he wrote on Monday that they did not agree.

"The Claimants invite us to weigh in on the balance of power between the Legislature and the Commonwealth judiciary on issues of redistricting and then pass judgment on the correctness of the actions of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania according to the Constitution of the United States. "Opinion read.

"These are things that, in the current record, we can not do".

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