The judge granted the delay of the Waymo test because Uber withheld the evidence


The lawsuit revolves around Anthony Levandowski, who is a former employee of Google. He left the company to form Otto, a truck self-service company. Uber later acquired Otto, and with it (according to Alphabet), files owned by Waymo on the technology of the autonomous unit that Levandowski downloaded six weeks before his departure. Waymo is now looking for $ 2.6 billion Uber for the alleged theft of trade secrets.

Uber has long maintained that it had nothing to do with downloading Levandowski files, and has not used them in any way on their own technology. However, in the demand for Waymo, the unit claims that it was inadvertently copied in an email from one of its component suppliers to Uber. Uber's technology looked surprisingly like Waymo's patented designs.

The revelation that Uber may have withheld information pertinent to the investigation does not look good on the company. It is the latest in an endless series of setbacks for the shared-travel company, which is often in a situation of great danger due to its own culture and policies of toxic companies.

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