The joy of a Dubs fan after watching the Warriors crush Clips in Game 3

After the Game 2 disaster, I wrote an embarrbaded memorial for that game, hoping that the ventilation provided a healthy catharsis. Now, after the chilling destruction that the Golden State Warriors demanded from a helpless squad of Los Angeles Clippers in Game 3, it's time to revel in the fandom of an unstoppable dynasty.

I never thought I would support such a good team that the 30-point lead in playoff games at home could bore them. But that's the uncharted territory of Golden State Warriors fans who found themselves after a shameful collapse against the Los Angeles Clippers on Monday night. Since the champions were in L.A. I think it's fair to express my subsequent reaction to Game 2 on a gif by Jack Nicholson.

But that moment of falling asleep at the wheel may have reactivated at last what the NBA fears and Dub Nation yearns for … a team of enraged warriors. Throughout this dynastic race, the Warriors are at their best when they feel disrespectful.

Does the 2015 title run? Fierce redemption for all those years, the Warriors were the joke of the NBA.

Draymond Green: "People hate change, people do not accept change well, they're used to GS just floating in the bottom of the league."

– Diamond Leung (@ diamond83) October 13, 2015

The 73 victories? Reimbursement for being called lucky.

Getting Kevin Durant? Revenge for the "Warriors blew a 3-1" lead memes.

The NBA had no idea what was coming.

Going 16-1 in the 2017 playoffs? Soaking up the hatred of the "super villains".

Destroying the era of LeBron James Gentlemen Forever? Recovery of the loss of the 2016 finals / Halloween party

But what about the deferred joyful fury? It is difficult to maintain that competitive advantage when the whole league is in ashes. The Dubs have struggled to channel that intensity this season, making 58 wins and the first seed in the toughest basketball conference.

Game 2 interrupted the cruise control, when Dubs Mystery Van deviated from the road to the Larry O & # 39; Brien trophy and landed in a ditch. For a couple of days, the Warriors had to hear that they were chokers, soft, favorite artists, that they had bad team chemistry and that the diminutive Patrick Beverley was a Kevin Durant plug.

Fools. Why would you put the sleeping giant? And when I say giant, I mean both the Warriors' dynasty and their 7-foot killer, Durant. But you know who he is, right?

Kevin Durant through only three quarters.
38 points, most since February 10.
23 shot attempts, most since March 23
10 attempts of 3s, most since February 27

– Anthony Slater (@anthonyVslater) April 19, 2019


Ahem, it was great to see the champions putting that chip on their shoulders again. There is a reason why the Dubs are big favorites to get their third consecutive title, and the fourth in five years. When they decide to crush a team, there is nothing that can stop them.



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