The Jets’ announcement could be a last-ditch effort to trade Let’s’Won Bell.

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From time to time, a team will announce that it plans to release a player. Then, before the player is actually released, the team will get a trade partner.

Maybe this is what the Jets are trying to do to drive back Von Bell.

His release will not be official until 4:00 pm Wednesday. Previously, a team that hopes to secure the dibs on Bell could try to work out a deal whereby the Jets will get something / anything and the Jets will pay the difference of the amount where the new team pays Bell. And the balance of his 2020 compensation.

For Bell, it is better to cut at this point. As a rule, he can pay off his 2020 salary ($ 6 million) from the Jets as a termination, and then pocket what he earns from the other team in a double-dip style. .

Before this happens, the Jets must cut the vine. Before this happens, no last-ditch sucker will emerge, hoping that Bell will now get Bell in exchange for competing with others in the open market otherwise Bell becomes a free agent.

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