‘The island is now experiencing community spread of coronovirus’; Nankootet officials warn of spike in COVID cases

Authorities at Nantukut Hospital have issued a warning to Nankutte residents that the island is experiencing community spread of coronovirus, they said on Friday.

The hospital tweeted, “Now the island is experiencing an expanding community of coronoviruses with at least 14 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 in 48 hours.”

To avoid large gatherings from officials and residents, wash hands frequently and stay home when possible. The island, home to about 11,300 residents, had survived a massive disease outbreak so far in a health crisis.

In a joint statement, Gary Shaw, president and CEO of Nankut Cottage Hospital, and Roberto Santamaria, director of the Nankutte Health Department, said 12 of the 14 new cases are island residents.

“We ask that if you receive a phone call from a contact tracer, you answer their questions fully and truthfully, cooperate in the investigation of the case, and comply with all isolation and quarantine procedures ,” They said. “Contact tracing is one of the strongest tools we have to stop the spread of the virus in our population.”

Shaw and Santamaria said that the majority of those who have become ill in recent times “do trades, landscaping, construction, carpentry and painting as well as cleaning.”

“This is an important reminder to implement the COVID-19 protocol in job sites and businesses,” he said.

The city is reporting a total of 77 COVID-19 cases as of Thursday.

State health officials reported 14 coronovirus deaths in Massachusetts on Friday, bringing the statewide death toll to 8,971.

Officials confirmed a total of 443 COVID-19 cases, at least 122,202 cases across the state. According to DPH, there are 19,406 new molecular tests based on Friday.

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