‘The Irregulars’ premiere recap: Sherlock Holmes drama episode 1

That? Did you think Sherlock Holmes solved all those cases himself?

The Irregulars, which launched its eight-episode first season on Netflix on Friday, takes viewers behind the closed doors of 221B Baker Street. Or at least across the street, where the young heroes helping Holmes (played by Henry Lloyd-Hughes, Killing Eva) and Dr. John Watson (Royce Pierreson, The Wizard) solve some of London’s most dangerous and perplexing cases living in poverty and squalor. Led by the cunning Bea (Thaddea Graham, The letter to the king), the group includes Spike (McKell David, Black mirror), Impulsive Billy (Jojo Macari, Sex education) and Bea’s younger sister Jessie (Darcy Shaw, The Bay), who suffers from horrible and hellish nightmares.

However, Jessie’s night terrors are pretty elementary compared to the dangers London has in store for these unsuspecting teens. Read on for a summary of the premiere.

THE MYSTERY OF THE MISSING NEWBORNS | We meet with the group before they start working for Holmes and Watson. Struggling to get ahead, Billy tries to earn some money at the fighting pits. Meanwhile, Jessie’s dreams worsen, prompting her to sleepwalk through town. She is nearly run over by a carriage carrying the wealthy and privileged Leopold, who is intrigued by the motley group of friends.

Bea visits her mother’s grave, where she meets Dr. Watson, who is looking for someone who can help him with the crimes that take place in the less “respectable” parts of the city. The case at hand is that of four missing newborns, the last of whom was taken from a locked room while his sister slept next to the crib. Watson promises to compensate Bea, who accepts the case.

IF | Bea, Spike, and Billy are able to locate the baby’s sister, Susan, who reveals that she lied to the police. Actually, she dated her boyfriend the night of the disappearance. By the time he returned, his younger sister was already missing. However, before the group can get any more information from her, they are attacked by the cruelty of the crows directly from Alfred Hitchcock. The birds. Bea, Spike, and Billy are able to escape, but Susan’s eyes are gouged out and killed.

Bea visits 221B Baker Street and notices that a man passed out in an armchair. However, before he can take a closer look, Watson arrives with new information about the other three missing babies. Meanwhile, Leopold falls in love with Bea, but remains trapped in his villa due to his hemophilia. Tired of being locked up, he escapes and finds Bea, but he doesn’t tell her his true identity, instead he goes through Leo. Based on Watson’s records, Leo can determine that all the babies were born on the same day at the same hospital and that there is a final baby with the same attributes who has not yet been abducted.

MEN BIRDS | The group arrives at the fifth baby’s house, but Bea sends an angry Jessie home, believing that she is too unstable for the mission. However, that doesn’t do much good, as Jessie has another nightmare in which she is attacked by a dark figure wearing a bird mask. The figure begins to strangle Jessie, who feels pain in the real world. Just when all seems lost, Jessie is transferred to Louisiana and meets Linen Man (The wireClarke Peters), who reveals that Jessie is not crazy and that she has the ability to see people’s memories. He asks her to find out who is behind the kidnappings, believing that a more sinister power is at stake.

Meanwhile, back in London, Bea, Billy and Leo meet the kidnapper (game of Thrones‘Rory McCann) as he tries to save the boy and realizes that he is somehow controlling the birds through supernatural abilities. They track him down to the London Zoo, where he unleashes his herds on them. Jessie arrives and uses her newfound abilities to enter the Bird Master’s memories, revealing that his wife and newborn daughter died in childbirth on the same day at the same hospital as the abducted children, and his refusal to accept the death of their son took him to madness. At one point, he even tried to contact his dead wife with a Ouija board, which is what gave him his powers. Realizing his own illusions, the Bird Master dismisses the birds and returns the children to their families, unharmed.

Bea eventually realizes that Watson knew about Jessie’s abilities and confronts him about it. However, you get no answers, just a warning that more horrors are on the horizon.

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