The iPhone 12 is a MagSafe sleeper feature that can outperform 5G

MagSafe is quietly one of the quietest features on the new iPhone 12.


Apple MagSafe, Which allows you Magnetically snap on attachments, the iPhone 12 family may have a new feature that gives you the most immediate effect. And he is aware that the company – and the entire wireless industry – has spent a huge time shining the spotlight on 5G.

This writing is almost sacred to me. Finally, I’ve been covering the potential game-changing nature of 5G since 2015, when I first wrote about Verizon’s intention to field-test super-fast cellular technology. But the truth is that the initial deployment does not represent a huge increase in speed, and your first experience with 5G can affect a shrug.

MagSafe, on the other hand, offers some tangible benefits regardless of where you live or whether you are near the right cell tower. A MagaSafe connection charges faster than previous iPhones, bringing with it a quick charge that Android phones enjoy for a long time. And, as dumb as it sounds, there’s something cool about seeing your phone’s snaps in place, visual confirmation that you haven’t spoiled the placement of your device.

“There is no further guess as to where the sweet spot is,” said Ramon Lamas, an IDC analyst.

MagSafe has its own long-term potential which is exciting. From Motorola’s Moto Mods to the modular camera of the Essential Phone PH-1, the magnetic pins on the back of the phone are returned in other attempts to push an attachment ecosystem. Neither did those companies transfer enough phones – necessary, in particular, was an obvious flop – to take risks on bold ideas that were actually of interest to many subsidiary manufacturers. Most of the time, we got extra battery packs.

Apple’s scale changes everything.

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Apple’s vast reach – Strategy Analytics estimates that it will sell 180 million units next year – means a much larger market for anyone wanting to build MagaSafe accessories. The opportunity is especially for anyone looking for an attachment beyond the basic wireless charging stand. Think game controllers, camera grip, selfie stick and, yes, wireless charging battery packs that can change the way we interact or interact with our iPhone.

Deniz Teman, vice president of hardware systems engineering at Apple, said on Tuesday that we cannot wait to see innovative ways that others will use MagaSafe, creating a robust and ever expanding ecosystem.

This is not an exaggeration. Apple has a way to popularize and legalize technological trends, from mobile payments to wireless charging. Where Motorola and Essential fell short, Apple may popularize the notion of magnetic attachments.

Apple itself filed a patent for the folio case, with additional power supplies and the ability to charge AirPods according to the patent. While those patents do not always produce products in the real world, they are indicative of where the company may go in the future.

Meanwhile, phone accessory maker Belkin has already unveiled two MagaSafe accessories, a charging stand that can handle one iphone 12, Apple Watch and Apple Airpods, with a more traditional car mount. Belkin senior vice president Steve Maloney said the initial products were more “bread and butter” than future goods on the roadmap.

“Some of the ideas we see on our table are very wild,” he said. “It’s going to be fun to take those ideas and put them in the play.”

Modular dreams

MagSafe feels like a spiritual successor to Google’s Project Ara, a modular phone that used magnets to attach small components to the handset, allowing you to build it as you gather something out of Lego Was doing.

The modular was hypnotized as a potential breakthrough innovation in smartphones. LG tried their hand at their G5 phones, allowing you to swap the bottom of the device for various attachments such as grip and hi-fi speakers. As soon as it rose, the trend stopped the project, then quietly finished it. The G5 was a flop that LG introduced next year with a more conventional phone.


The 5G Moto Mod which used to offer the Moto Z3 5G capability before any other device.

Derek East / CNET

“The big issue is that fully modular designs are more attractive to engineers than consumers,” said Avi Greengart, an analyst at TechSpansion. “Smartphones are highly developed products, and people buy the best phone they can to meet their needs which is not a platform to tinker later.”

Moto Mods represented a streamlined version of the modular concept, providing a complete phone with various backs that you can swap in and out of. That concept allowed Motorola’s Moto Z3 to be the first 5G phone on Verizon’s network, thanks to a 5G mod that slapped the back of the device. But still, a mod-less phone felt like half of a device, and the phone had a gimmick core.

Offering a complete handset on the iPhone 12, Apple has further refined it, but with the option to attach accessories magnetically.

Gregart said, “Magasef is brilliant in his simplicity.”

Maloney called the arrival of MagSafe a “transformational time” for the goods market, and he expected a wave of different attachment to the industry to arrive.

“These kinds of things change the game,” he said.

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