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The invention of "Death Machine" helps people to commit suicide without pain

About 800,000 people commit suicide every year, and thousands more try but can not end their lives. Now, an invention of an Australian doctor can help curb this trend.

Philip Nitschke created the Sarco capsule, a death machine that aims to help people commit suicide efficiently and painlessly, reports Tech Times. Nicknamed "Dr. Death", Nitschke is the founder of an organization that advocates voluntary euthanasia. He wrote the suicide manual, "The Peaceful Pill", and thinks that his new euthanasia machine can help people to fulfill their purpose peacefully.

Nitschke, 70, used to promote euthanasia only for the terminally ill, but he has changed his tone, as he now says that all people have the right to choose whether they live or die.

As a result, the doctor developed the Sarco capsule in the Netherlands, where euthanasia and assisted suicide have been legal since 2001. The use of this machine does not require the help of any medical professional. It was made using a 3D printer, and can be assembled anywhere.

Nitschke said,

In my opinion, and in regards to Sarco, a doctor is not necessary. There are still certain conditions that people must meet before being considered, such as having a healthy mind. This is determined by an online questionnaire.

The machine has a reusable base and a capsule that can be folded like a coffin after it has been separated from the machine. The design can be recreated by a 3D printer anywhere. The coffin uses liquid nitrogen, according to the doctor, which can be bought legally.

While a person is sitting in the capsule, liquid nitrogen begins to flow. The person will begin to feel disoriented in two minutes, a feeling that Nitschke says is similar to having taken too many alcoholic beverages. The person then loses consciousness in a few minutes and dies in about five more minutes.

There is an emergency window for those who suddenly change their mind while they are inside the machine. It opens immediately once the person clicks on it, letting in oxygen. The person can also stop before losing consciousness completely.

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