The internet is excited for Zendaya’s Emmy nomination for ‘Euphoria’; ‘Finally Recognized’

Even though this year has been rough on films, and anything in general has been filmed, but good television shows are still coming. And so the 2020 Emmy nominations did not disappoint (too much), especially if you are a fan of Zendaya. She received her first Emmy nomination and is delighted on the Internet that she is “finally” recognized for her stunning performance on the HCL show. excitement.

Zendaya as Zoo and Hunter Scheffer as Jules in Episode 3 of Hor Euphoria ‘. Heel Chain / HBO

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Zendaya received her first Emmy nomination

Leslie Jones and Laverne Cox hosted the nomination announcement ceremony for the 72nd Annual Emmy Awards on July 28. The award ceremony will take place on 20 September, and various people report on the nominees, which was a part of Zendaya.

Zendaya received a nomination for lead actress in a drama series for her role as Rue in HBO excitement, Which aired last summer. The show was also nominated in the contemporary costumes and contemporary makeup (non-prosthetic) categories. With the makeup revolution that the series debuted last summer, it would be surprising if it did not win that category.

The music was also nominated, Labrinth Oversaw. His work is nominated for Music Composition for a Series (Original Dramatic Score) and Original Music & Lyrics “All for Us”, which he and Zendaya have sung together. It has been played in the season finale.

“I am honestly speechless, my heart is just overflowing with love and gratitude,” said Zendya. Twitter And Instagram. “I am so incredibly honored to work with talented people that I have to call a family. I am a small piece of a big beautiful puzzle and I am proud of you all. ”

Fans are excited that she is finally recognized for her performance in the show

Zendaya captivated the audience with her heart-breaking portrayal of Blunt and Rue, a teenager addicted to drugs. Many of the children in her group of high school also face issues such as body image issues, their sexuality and coming to terms with domestic abuse situations. The show really struck a chord with fans, and Zendaya’s performance was definitely a big part of it.

As one Twitter The user reported, Episode 3 was the only such performance for Zendaya.

“Zendaya finally gets the recognition she deserves for this scene. And for all the other scenes too, ”he wrote.

In this episode, Roo has to deal with budding feelings for his best friend Jules, as well as an intense scene with his drug dealer and friend Fez. Altogether, excitement It proved that Zendaya’s acting was ready for recognition, and fans are happy that she is getting it.

And other users are just praising him. He actually has the whole internet behind his back, which is great to see.

He has a large company in that category

The category in which Zendaya nominated – the lead actress in the drama series – is also filled with other talented actors.

For AppleTV + The morning show, Jennifer Aniston received a nomination. And for Netflix Crown, Olivia Colman received a nomination for her role as Queen Elizabeth II. From the same streaming site, Laura Linney was nominated for her role Ozark.

BBC America Killing eve Both leads in the category continue with their streak of being nominated, with the duo nominating both Comer and Sandra Oh. Both were part of the category last year, and Comer won the award.

Of course whether Zendaya wins or not, but if the internet can vote, it’s safe to say he’ll be a fan-favorite.

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