The Indianapolis Colts played Rigoberto Sanchez to play Sunday, less than 3 weeks after removing the tumor

INDIANAPOLIS – The Colts’ puncher Rigoberto Sanchez is going to play again less than three days after not knowing his NFL future so that the cancerous tumor can be removed.

Sanche resumed punting and kickoff duties in Sunday’s game against the Houston Texans on Friday, coach Frank Reich said.

“Great training staff, great doctors and working with mature people,” Reich said. “Those three things are all important, and we are very fortunate for the people we serve.”

Sanchez, who declined to say what kind of cancer he was battling, noticed that something was not right when he did a dry swing before kicking in practice. 25. An ultrasound and MRI revealed a tumor. Sanchez still played, only to suffer 29 losses to Tennessee before surgery in November.

“I wasn’t going to do that for my team,” Sanchez said earlier this week. “It’s all about the team. At the end of the day, I don’t think they are able to get a puncture in time, and it wasn’t going to get any worse. It was already the worst situation. I. Was going to fight through the pain, whatever it was. “

Sanchez said doctors have told him that things are looking “very good” and that his “number is definitely low.” He returned this week.

“I am completely lucky all the time, use my body in every way,” said Sanchez. “” It’s crazy because I think [Reich] Mentioned that if I was working some kind of desk, I might not be able to catch it right away. I am fortunate to be young and able to do what I am doing and here he is playing football. I was just lucky enough to get it on time, and after that, the doctors took the lead and I just followed. I’m just grateful that they caught it early. “


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