The Indian photographer’s image of Jupiter-Saturn pair has garnered a lot of praise.

Astronomy enthusiasts flooded social media with images of the Great Conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn, but a photo from Australia has received much acclaim on social media.

An Indian photographer in Melbourne clicked a remarkable picture of a rare astronomical event, in which the two planets appear close to each other for the first time in nearly 400 years.

Facebook user Sajal Chakraborty captured not only Saturn and Jupiter but also the four largest moons of Jupiter in the picture. Captured using just a DSLR camera and a telephoto lens, Chakraborty’s image received much acclaim online.

The image received over 1.2 million likes after Twitter user Rebecca Hill shared it on the platform.

Chakraborty told how he piled up 25 images to achieve the clarity shown in the final image.

“It is a composite to make the statement. I used an intervalometer for the shutter and stacked several exposures to get the details.

“The 21st was a rainy day. I had only a small window of opportunity where I could capture them at my nearest location, ”he said, adding that the photo was taken around 9:30 pm

Chakraborty said that he had shared images on only a few photography groups and that online fame had spontaneously declined.

“I wanted to best capture the celestial event with the instrument. I have a simple tripod, a 10-year Canon 60D and a 10-year Canon 75-300mm lens. So, I have to do everything from scratch, ”he said.

The image received acclaim from many, but the response also had lots of fun reactions and memories:


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