The incredible theory of Overwatch works from the abilities of Hero 31


A genius that Overwatch could have developed the skills of Hero 31, Sigma, thanks to Blizzard's teaser video.

The Overwatch community has been working hard to test more details behind the Hero 31. Their cause was helped thanks to the Twitter account of the Overwatch World Cup Mexico team, which apparently leaked Sigma as the next character, but there is not a ton of confirmed information

Blizzard finally launched a secret prank on July 20, when fans clamored for any details behind the new hero, while a video showed Jeff Kaplan disappearing into a black hole and being replaced by on-screen equations. Now, a handler seems to have discovered what those equations may have been hinting at.

Twitter of the OWWC Mexico team

The Twitter publication of the Mexican World Cup is the closest we have been to seeing Sigma in Overwatch.

An incredibly detailed publication of the subreddit overwatch, user ztokdo, broke the equations that appeared on the screen and theorized that they could have already revealed Sigma's abilities.

According to this, the three skills will probably be the grenade of the countries, it stays in position and "curves bullets, projectiles and abilities around it". air.

Finally, for the latter, the Redditor believes that Sigma will have a protector of some kind that "pulls all the projectiles, the skills and uses them and uses them to improve the partners."

Reddit's publications on what the equation might mean for Sigma's abilities.

It is also clear that they believe that Sigma has been introduced to the game and that it will be good against kinetic weapons and projectiles, but would be immune to EMP skills.

Of course, Redditor also does this with some complicated maths from the Teaser video and showed exactly why they think this is the case.

Complete breakdown of ztokdo on Sigma's potential behavior in Overwatch.

The subreddit members were amazed at how simple the suggestions seemed and expected their time and effort to be rewarded. "This is impressive! I hope you are right! "Klinxx added.

However, another user, the melancholic writer, wondered if the poster had too much content and if Blizzard had players like they did with Shadow.

Still, it remains to be seen as an official with Sigma when it comes to skills like Blizzard has yet to release anything official.

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