The image of this photographer of a bald eagle is going viral due to its perfect symmetrical reflection


Steve Biro, a Canadian photographer, had the unique opportunity in life to capture the best shot of his life. He was lucky enough to click on a rare photograph of a bald eagle and its reflection in the water in perfect symmetry, while he was visiting the Canadian Raptor Conservancy.

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The photograph was taken in Vittoria, Ontario, on May 4 and went viral after he shared the image on his Instagram account with a title that read: "What a lucky thing to capture a symmetrical reflection of this beautiful bald eagle that comes directly to me! "

Biro is an amateur photographer who has been in this profession for about 10 years.

While speaking with CTV, Biro said: "To be honest, it became quite overwhelming, but it's also very fun."

To get the perfect shot, the photographer had to take a few hundred shots while the bald eagle stared at him. He said: "I could tell he was upset because he was so close to the edge of the pond." He added: "That seemed to be their territory."

This is what Twitter had to say about this perfect photo.

Great image in the @ Daily mirror Today captured by photographer Steve Biro.

The bald eagle Bruce seems dreadfully dreadful when he pounces on a pond.

Steve, 53, said: "I loved the way he looked at me through me." He took the photo at the Canadian Raptor Conservancy in Ontario.

– Johnny Goldsmith (@MirrorJohnny) May 23, 2019

This photographer was fortunate enough to capture a remarkably symmetrical reflection of this beautiful bald eagle at the Canadian Raptor Conservancy ?

Credit: Steve Biro

– Skeptic kitten ? (@KittenSkeptic) May 20, 2019

This was an excellent photo in fact. Click here to follow Steve Biro on Instagram.

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