The illusions of Trump’s conspiracy theory will likely lead to a nuclear war with North Korea, psychiatrists warn


President Donald Trump's claims that Access Hollywood's tape and President Barack Obama's birth certificate are fakes are not just lies, he tells others, psychiatrists say they are consistent delusions with a serious personality disorder. And according to two psychiatrists who have warned that Trump is dangerously inadequate for the job, this could lead to a nuclear confrontation with North Korea that will result in the deaths of millions.

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"It has to bend reality to meet their narcissistic needs," psychiatrist John Gartner, a former badistant professor at Johns Hopkins University and founder of a political advocacy group led by Trump, called The Duty to Warn. He said Newsweek on Wednesday. "Reality can be bent and shaped to meet your needs and narcissistic fantasies and adjust to your needs and fantasies of persecution and paranoia."

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Despite initially apologizing for the infamous film Access Hollywood Trump, while among his allies has begun to dispute that the voice who is heard bragging about the badual badault is actually his, The New York Times reported on Tuesday. It is even said that the president told a Republican senator that he wants to investigate the recording. (Access Hollywood, meanwhile, has insisted that the tape is not a forgery.)

At the same time, it has not ruled out the theory of the conspiracy denied that Obama's birth certificate is a fake and that he was not born in the U.S. -Despite saying during the campaign that I really did not believe it.

This should not necessarily be a surprise, given that his presidency started with a deception. Just hours after Trump's inauguration, then Press Secretary Sean Spicer was pushed by Trump, many believe, to falsely claim that his opening crowd was the largest in history.

 Donald Trump President Donald Trump talks about the tax reform at the St. Charles Convention Center on November 29, in St. Charles, Missouri. Whitney Curtis / Getty Images

While some have portrayed falsehoods as a political strategy, it's much more than that, according to a former badistant clinical professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School , Lance Dodes.

"He is a much sicker person than people think or want to realize," he told Dodes, who as Gartner contributed to the book The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump Newsweek . "To say, for example, that he is even a swindler is too benign, he loses track of reality when it comes to a challenge to his perception of himself, which is extremely fragile, it is out of his control, he is not smart as a fox, he's very, very sick. "

While many observers, including Obama, expressed hope and expectation that Trump's most bizarre mental gymnastics would be curbed when he badumed responsibility for the presidency, the opposite has proved true, both experts said. With a group of habilitadores that surround it and a base of support of millions who swallow their falsehoods, they only become more extreme.

Trump's illusions seem to have taken another impulse in recent days. Just this week, he has proposed a Fake News Trophy by which the main media would compete; anti-human videos retweeted from a British far-right group; and suggested that a cable news anchor was a murderer.

So, now that Matt Lauer is leaving when False News practitioners on NBC will end Phil Griffin's contract? And will Joe Scarborough's low scores end based on the "unsolved mystery" that took place in Florida years ago? Research!

– Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 29, 2017

Trump took a similar series of conspiracy theories shortly before the first accusations were filed in the Russian investigation last month. It is evidence of a clear and worrying pattern, said Dodes.

"He feels more threatened now, what we all predicted he would do," he said. "The more stress you experience, the more delirious you become, the more uncontrolled and, from the point of view of danger, the more furious you will feel."

Trump's last dance with delirium comes at a particularly dangerous moment. On Wednesday, North Korea launched an intercontinental ballistic missile that it called the most advanced so far, and some said that, in theory, it puts Washington, DC within range.

There is growing fear, even among some in Congress who recently had a hearing on the president's authority to use nuclear weapons, that a hasty decision could end in disaster.

"The rope is adjusting," Gartner said. "What do cornered animals do when they are under attack?" They attack, "pressing that button will solve many problems for him." Psychologically, he takes him out of the position of feeling like the weak victim, which is intolerable for him, and places him new in the position of being the man of dominant sadistic power, it will be irresistible for him to do that. "

As it became clear that Trump's mentality has not improved since he entered the White House, some, including dissident Republican Senator Bob Corker, have placed their faith in Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. and Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis to maintain the course of the ship. But Gartner and Dodes insisted it was a sad hope. Not only is there no one like Trump, whom they define as an evil narcissist, there is no treatment for him, or

"People who are as empty as he can not participate in therapy," Dodes said. "It's more likely to become more psychotic if you treat him."

A devastating war is inevitable, both men said, if Trump remains in office.

"We are truly on the verge of Armageddon," Gartner said. "We are close to losing millions of lives."

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