The Illopango volcano erupted 1590 years ago, shaking the Mayan civilization


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In 431 CE, 1590 years ago, the Mayan civilization was ruined due to the Ilopango volcano erupting, killing every living thing within 40 km around the volcano, a new study by an international team of scientists According to and with the participation of Dario. Pedrazzi, researcher at Geoscience Barcelona-CSIC (GEO3BCN). The article has been published in the magazine PNAS.

As previous studies have shown, there was a large volcanic eruption in the region, but the date was still unknown. The new research led by Victoria Smith, an associate professor at the University of Oxford and the Agar Tefrochronology Group, has established the exact date and nature of the eruption.

To do this, scientists analyzed an ice core recovered from Greenland and also performed radiocarbon measurements from a sacred tree found in TBJ ash deposits. Therefore, they were able to accurately trace the dates of the massive eruption within a few years in 431 AD.

The research team used the 3-D Tephra Dispersal Model to estimate the extent to which the eruption layer extended up to 45 km and the ash of Ilopango spread more than 7,000 km from Greenland.

The Illopango volcano erupted 1590 years ago, shaking the Mayan civilization

Sample of Dario Pedrazi in an outcorp near Tzarumal. Sincerely: Dario Pedrazi

“This work follows previous studies that were published in 2019 and in which we described, for a comprehensive analysis of ash deposits in El Salvador, the main physical parameters of this violent eruption with a range of pyroclave flows Caldera collapse reached its climax, ”said GEO3BCN researcher and study co-author, Dario Pedrazzi. “A large part of this research has been made possible for all the data acquired during the three field expeditions conducted in El Salvador, during which we did a detailed mapping of the ash deposits present over an area of ​​200,000 km.2. ”

About 55 km3 Magma died of Ilopango. “Over 2 million km2 Victoria Smith stated that Central America was covered with at least half a centimeter of ash, and the region must have been dark for at least a week.

The Illopango volcano erupted 1590 years ago, shaking the Mayan civilization

A panoramic view of the caldera of Ilopango in the present day. Sincerely: Dario Pedrazi

“The Ilopango eruption was 50 times larger than that of Mount St. Helens,” says Smith, which occurred in 1980. “The pyroclastic flow from Ilopango’s eruption amounted to 10 times more than Vesuvius, which burst in 79 CE., Preserving the Roman city of Pompeii in ashes,” she said.

The eruption occurred during the Mayan Early Classic period, extending from 300 to 600 CE, as civilization saw development in Central America. But Smith says, “The explosion would have killed every living thing within 40 km and there would have been no resident around for many years or decades.” However, the massive explosion had no effect on Maya anywhere else.

It is believed that 540 BC in the Northern Hemisphere. Ilopango was attributed to the cold decade around. But the work suggests that the date is accompanied by archeological evidence (pottery production), which actually suggests a date closer to the beginning of the early Classic period.

Ilopango Caldera, San Salvador City, is located less than 10 km from the capital of El Salvador and is a part of the Volcanic Arc of El Salvador, consisting of a total of 21 active volcanoes, among the most active in the middle. Is one. America Volcanic Arch.

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more information:
Victoria C. Smith et al. 431 CE Tierra Blanca Joven eruption, effects and effects of Ilopango, El Salvador Proceedings of the National Academy of Science (2020). DOI: 10.1073 / pnas.2003008117

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